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Reasons why Apple is better than Android

It is quite polarizing to debate Android phones versus iPhones, and it always comes down to the fact that Android phones offer more for a lower price. In spite of this, it still amazes me that an iPhone continues to be an aspirational product in India and most of the users would want one if it weren’t for the high cost. As a company that usually keeps quiet and focuses on just its products, Apple’s campaign is quite interesting. Top corporations like these compete closely and bring out different models including the standard, advanced, and pro; as well as offering users the choice between iOS and Android operating systems, making it difficult to choose from the numerous options available. The winning operating system in this category is Apple’s iOS, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Here’s why:

Safe and Secure

The majority of smartphone malware targets Android smartphones. However, Apple devices have been proven to be more secure, and the companies consistently agree that Apple devices are more secure. From app stores and other websites, Android phones are more likely to get viruses or malware. The same cannot be said for iPhones. In addition to giving you more freedom, Android phones provide you with less security, which may lead to your content being compromised.

iPhone has Valuation

Every now and then, there are technological inventions and advancements. and you will want to upgrade your phone to a new model. iPhone phones tend to hold their resale value far better than androids, so you might want to sell your old phone at the best price. iPhones are able to maintain a good condition due to the high-quality material that makes them. Since only one manufacturer is involved and new and improved models are not released as frequently as with Androids, the iPhone models remain flagships and up-to-date for longer. It is important to make getting a new phone a habit to buy Apple iPhones from M1, as they are the newest and best phones on the market.

Consistency and Ease of Use

A simple interface makes iPhones very familiar to users. Android phones are easy to configure, which results in poor performance of applications. Using the iPhone operating system, you can be assured that its apps and functions work as Apple intended, which makes it a very easy device to use. When it comes to consistency, all iPhone models work the same, unlike Android smartphones.

Less Unnecessary Features

The iPhone has some useless features, like one that can’t be moved to another folder called the Newsstand icon. The number of features that Android phones have cannot be compared with those on iPhones. So, using an iPhone reduces the amount of unwanted features that could be disgusting.

Get the Best Apps

Apple is regarded as one of the most innovative and high-quality application developers. Many apps launch and release in Apple’s App Store before they are in Google Play. Especially for Android phones, some apps are not released. Developers also find it difficult to make games and other apps for Android because different phone brands all have different features that have to be taken into account. iPhones do have a few disadvantages, but in general they are safer than Android phones since every operating system has advantages and disadvantages. To enjoy the previously mentioned great benefits, it’s a good idea to switch to an iPhone when buying a new phone. Do your research well so you know what the latest iPhone has to offer.

iOS are in sync with each other

One of their selling focuses is that every one of its items are in a state of harmony with one another. This implies that whether you have your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or wearing an i watch, your information and contacts will constantly be with you while associated through the iCloud and it will continue to adjust in each gadget as you make changes in one. Assuming you like, you might utilize highlights like calls and texts on one and it will be associated through all.

Processing Speed is Faster on iPhones

Adding the A14 Bionic Chip to the latest iPhone has brought iPhones a long way. With its new iPhone 12, Apple has released a flagship smartphone. That has processing speeds better than anything in the Android camp. Throughout its history, Apple has continually produced devices with outstanding processing power. No matter how powerful the Android processors are such as the Exynos 525 integrated in the Samsung Galaxy S20, they can’t compete with their iOS-enabled counterparts.

Video editing features were also found to be impressive on the latest iPhones. On Android devices, you would have to wait considerably longer to carry out the same video editing processes.

Apple has strict privacy laws in place

Technology connects everything, so privacy and security are a big concern. Apple’s refusal to cooperate with the FBI in the recent conflict it had with the FBI is the strongest evidence that the company’s security and privacy laws are strict, as it could threaten the lives of millions of users.

iPhone/ iPad does not have unnecessary app

While enacting another gadget, we have expected to see iPhones and iPads having less inherent applications. Than an Android gadget whose underlying applications take up to 2-3 menu pages. In this way, taking up a great deal of inside space which is as of now restricted. This is on the grounds that Apple leaves the decision of applications to the clients to choose and introduce applications all alone according to their inclinations.

Using the iPhone is easy

The iPhone remains the easiest phone to use. Regardless of all the promises made by Android manufacturers to simplify their UIs. And make their phones easier to use. It may be annoying to complain about any noticeable changes in the look. And feel of iOS for some time now. But such changes can also contribute to the overall consistency of the system. iOS hasn’t changed much from the way it looked back in 2010. No doubt that Apple’s interface has become even more impressive over time, with features such as Siri and Control Center. It introduced improvements to Files, Photos, and the Messages app as part of iOS 11.

Apple is the first to receive new applications

Apple holds a large share of the pie and is known for its powerful yet convenient working framework. So developers usually send their apps and the best games to iOS first before sending them to Android. The explanation being that since Apple has an enormous after. Designers like to see the accomplishment of their applications be noticeable.

In addition, they have a reputation for conducting thorough, secure screening processes. Apple does not accept all applications. Therefore, getting approval and completing the process is important.

Seamless connection with Macs

You will surprised by how well both devices integrate. And after you reconnect your MacBook to your smartphone if you haven’t done so recently. MacOS’s continuity feature, for example, allows users to receive and make calls and texts using their MacBook.

Many users love AirDrop, a feature that automatically transfers files between your iPhone and MacBook over a Wi-Fi connection. Through iCloud, you can access your photos, notes, and documents stored on your phone through a Mac. It is no secret that Android smartphones are designed with distinct advantages, but Apple’s iPhone continues to hold the top position for best features. Consequently, they are the most popular choice among consumers.

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