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Digital Media Marketing​

Reasons why podcasting is Essential for SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

Podcasts have a powerful influence in today’s media-driven world. According to podcast insights of 2020, the number has grown to 850,000 in comparison to 500,000 from 2018. It is obvious to any brand that has a large following an audience has a massive overall impact. Through podcasts, you can make sure your potential target audience is listening. That is why it is important to include it in your content marketing and SEO strategy.

It is easy to launch a podcast and produce active content for your company. There are a lot of benefits to it, the prominent one being how it takes a lot less work. Until now, podcasts were only considered to provide entertainment or for informative purposes. But they are being recognized also as an effective tool for SEO and content marketing. Following are some of the benefits that can be reaped from podcasting:

  • A wide range of networking
  • The massive growth of your audience
  • Backlink generation leads to higher search engine rankings
  • Cross-promotion is possible by inviting guests on your cast or joining podcasts done by others

We will now get into the finer details of why podcasts are valuable content marketing assets.

  1. They present low competition

Content marketing is an industry that is well-known for its cutthroat competition. Expert digital marketers create winning content by finding a topic or type which has low competition and high engagement. This is precisely what is provided by a podcast.

A swift analysis of this statement can be reached through these figures. Facebook has more or less 80 million business pages officially. But the number of podcasts being aired is only 700,000. It shrinks even more if searched by topic.

There are mostly just a handful of podcasts that might be discussing the topic which is relevant for your business. While the number of listeners to these podcasts can be in hundreds and thousands. Therefore, low competition promises the reach of a large audience.

  1. Convenient and engaging content

From the perspective of the audience, it requires the least amount of effort to engage with a podcast. It is not like written content that needs time to stop and read. Or even video content requires the audience to sit down and watch. A podcast listener just has to click play and start listening. And they can even do it simultaneously with other tasks they are busy with.

It is basically the perfect type of content for the busy individuals of today. They do not have to drop everything to focus on it. If the content demands too much time and attention, audiences find it hard to engage. On the other hand, podcasts are easy to pay attention to. One can multitask while listening to them.

  1. A Mobile-Friendly option

Another thing that goes in favor of using podcasts in SEO and marketing is it is mobile-friendly. People can easily listen to it while working out or to and from work and school on their phones. According to the survey which is being done by the writers of an affordable essay writing service website, 69% of podcast listeners use mobile devices. It is important to have content that is mobile friendly. It is a device people always carry around with them and use everywhere. As a result, your content will also be accessible to them no matter what they are doing.


  1. Podcasts have loyal audiences

It is necessary that you develop a podcast audience before your competition does. Listeners are seen to be most loyal to their favorite podcast shows. They establish a bond with the host and look forward to new episodes each time.

Being able to establish a strong group of listeners before your rival gives you an upper hand. They will find it harder to draw your listeners to their shows once the audience is attached to yours.

This loyal behavior also shifts to other marketing mediums. For example, your listeners are 20% more likely to engage with your business on social media. If your show is successful enough, they will want to turn to other channels even after the podcast is over. It is natural for them to want to continue the topic of conversation. This interaction will help promote your brand.

  1. Opportunity for the audience to interact

Another reason behind this attraction to good podcasts is that they are highly interactive. Hosts are able to respond to questions, have audience polls and take calls like in a regular radio show. This draws the listeners in even more and keep them interested in the content.

This level of interactivity allows businesses to have solid connections with their audience. There are rarely any other platforms which offer such direct connection between brands and customers. Interviewing other experts of your industry in a podcast also helps in building a professional network.

  1. Scalable costs for content creation

When it comes to cost for creation, podcasts are quite scalable. Similar to visual content, the cost is mostly dependent on the quality standards you maintain.

Smartphones are capable of shooting outstanding photos and videos. But for something truly exceptional, the right equipment is needed. Which is oftentimes more expensive.

Same goes into the creation of podcasts. A good quality audio is easily captured with cheaper equipment. But if you want to match the competition you will need to invest a bit more.

Podcasts are steadily growing in popularity in the recent years. This is the right time to grab this opportunity and integrate this tool in your SEO and marketing strategies. They can provide a huge turning point for your business if implemented wisely. For more quality content on digital marketing or any other subject reach out to a custom essay writing service. We offer the best academic material for the most affordable of prices.

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