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Reasons why video call conferences are less productive

With the increase in competition among businesses, there is an increase in the number of events, conferences, and meetings arranged by various companies. Conferences are a must to organize as they play a key role in the development and progress of the workers and the company.

There are various ways to conduct meetings and conferences. Video conferencing has become one of the emerging ways to conduct a meeting, but still, there are some disadvantages of video conferences over live seminars. That is why they are still struggling to replace the significance of live sessions.

Dig deep into this article and understand why to give a competitive edge to live conferences over video conferences.

Top 8 reasons to prefer live conferences over video call conferences

Every business has two options to organize conferences and meetings. One is by inviting the members to a commonplace, and the other is through a video call or meeting. The success of both types of conferences depends on various factors. But there are some reasons due to which one can prefer live conferences over video conferences.

The following points will justify the statements as mentioned above in detail.

1. Nonverbal communication is missing

In a live conference, the meeting members say and communicate without making use of any words. The add a taste of non-verbal communication with verbal communication. Adding gestures and actions are a great source of communication. With video call conferences or meetings, such non-verbal communication is impossible. Hire an experiential event agency Dubai based company, to organize a live discussion session for your members to share their views and objectives verbally or non-verbally.

2. No or minimum eye contacts

One of the main reasons most businesses or organizations avoid arranging conferences with their clients or members on a video call is eye contact. In any communication, eye contact is vital; it is one of the communication rules to get the listener’s attention, eye contact is very important. Video conferencing lacks eye contact, and that is why live conferences take advantage.

3. Higher confusion and interruption rates

In a video conference, it becomes very difficult to control who will speak at what point. When the management loses control, getting things back on track becomes very difficult. When too many people start talking at once, the people listening to them will not understand a single word. In such situations arranging a video, the conference is nothing except for the waste of time and money.

4. Some people are camera shy

Not every person likes to be on the camera, has the confidence to speak in front of a camera. They have the courage and confidence to talk to the public live, but they fear addressing them through a camera. People get multiple thoughts; for example, what if they look fat on a camera? Are they looking good to the people listening and watching?  Live conferences boost the members’ confidence, and they do not keep such thoughts in their minds.

5. Connectivity issues and failures

There are higher chances of disturbances with video conferencing. One of the main reasons behind these disturbances is the conference members’ connectivity issues during the meeting. If any of the conference members lose the connection with the rest of the members, it becomes very difficult to engage all the members. The connectivity risks are not known in advance, and they could badly affect the conference’s progress.

6. Every person’s engagement is impossible

With live events or conferences, there are several ways to engage the less likely members to engage with the event. On the other hand, with video conferencing, the options to engage the members are minimal or approximately zero. Even identifying less engaged members is very difficult, and a conference or a meeting is nothing without the member’s engagement and participation.

7. Time mismatches

When you organize a conference for the global community or people from across the globe, video conferencing could be problematic. Every region has its timings and deciding on a single time to organize the conference becomes difficult. With live meetings, you do not have to worry about time mismatches because every person belonging from different regions gather in a single place.

8. Expensive

It is a very complex debate that whether video conferences are expensive or not. They turn out to be costly when using the latest technical tools and equipment for better results. Arranging the newest technology and tools could be expensive than arranging a live meeting. When you have to include remote members in your conference, you must spend more on technology to communicate better. To avoid spending too much money, hire the experiential event agency Dubai located services to organize low-cost events and conferences to share your goals. Read also: Tips for taming event chaos with the right strategies

Make the most out of your conferences to achieve your business goals

Businesses organize events and conferences to discuss their business goals with their team and let the outsiders know about their potential. To achieve the business goals through such discussions, it is very important that you organize them well and according to your needs and requirements.

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