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Reasons Why You Ought To Own a China Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete Mixer Pump

Are you presently thinking about buying concrete mixer pumps? Are you aware of the reputed brands with this industry? Do you know why is a concrete mixer pump one of the better? Should you don’t know much concerning this industry but you would like to expand your business by investing in one or multiple concrete mixer pumps, this is basically the article you would want to read to the end.

A Chinese concrete mixer pump is one of the most sought-after machines in the construction industry. It combines the functions of any concrete pump as well as a traditional concrete mixer. Making an investment in this machine will manage to benefit your business, especially should you be looking to grow it. As an alternative to renting a concrete mixer pump every time, you can buy one as well as prevent paying rentals.

This sort of concrete mixer pump (Бетон мешалка с насосом) has two classifications in accordance with the engines they normally use: diesel and electric. Diesel concrete mixer pumps are great in the event you mostly handle projects in remote and rural areas where you don’t get yourself a stable electric connection. Alternatively, an electrical mixer pump utilizes a hydraulic pumping system with a combustion engine. It really is environment-friendly mainly because it doesn’t burn fuel.

Concrete mixer with pump
Concrete mixer with pump For Sale

Why would you use Chinese concrete mixer pumps

Below are a few main reasons why most construction companies are investing in concrete mixer pumps currently.

High pumping capacity

A Chinese concrete mixer pump usually features a pumping capacity of 40m3/h. It is enough to handle various small to medium construction projects. Additionally, pumping distance also plays an important role within these mixer pumps. The majority of these pumps possess a horizontal pumping distance of 300 meters plus a vertical pumping distance of 150 meters.

High mixing speed

Aside from pumping capacity, a concrete mixer pump is also popular for its high mixing speed. It determines the pump’s ability to mix and create high-quality concrete within the shortest possible time. This means you will not have to experience delays while making concrete or await a supplier to provide readymade concrete at the construction site.

Occupying minimal land space

Chinese concrete mixer pumps don’t take up an excessive amount of space like traditional concrete mixers. This is because they combine the purpose of a conventional concrete mixer and concrete pump into one machine. You don’t need to buy two separate machines and plan for a larger land to support them. This kind of pump can easily fit into narrow street corners. You can even maneuver the appliance slowly to put into the construction site in order that it can deliver readymade concrete to workers instantly.


You won’t must hire a professional to work a Chinese concrete mixer pump. The machine features a manual. Just about anyone can discover how to make use of the machine if he undergoes the manual properly. Most of these pumps have a Programmable Logic Controller that looks like a joystick. It makes it simple to use the machine.

Affordable than other pumps

Imagine spending on a concrete mixer and concrete pump. You will have to come up with a higher budget than what you can otherwise pay for a Chinese concrete mixer and pump. This one is capable of doing the work of two machines in just one. Most importantly, you don’t need to engage a professional to perform the equipment. Therefore, you save in ways than a single.

Concrete mixer pump price
China Concrete mixer pump price

Higher Daily Production

With the ability to manage and deploy labor resources efficiently, you can get jobs done faster and much more activities completed in one day. Concrete mixer pumps therefore aid in increasing daily production. This really is particularly achieved since concrete is put where it can be required more proficiently, along with the time taken to unload is significantly reduced. Concrete mixer pumps also help eliminate interruptions and delays, which ensures high daily production.


Concrete mixer pumps are very important equipment for anyone inside the manufacturing and construction venture because they are always readily available for use every time they need them. Together with the interest in such construction equipment, owning a concrete mixer pump helps you save the hassle of hiring one. This makes sure that your construction projects keep running without interruptions.

Ease of Operation

Most concrete mixer pumps are highly automatic, meaning operations are managed using a control system. Therefore, operating these equipment becomes simple and easy , also helps make the operations less labor-intensive.

Long term Savings

Most people may not be conscious of the price implications of purchasing a concrete mixer pump. However, it is a fact to mention these equipment help an enterprise save significantly in the foreseeable future. While their initial costs can be high, concrete mixer pumps help businesses save the total amount that would have been employed to hire. The cumulative savings on labor may also be significant with time, and businesses are able to use these funds elsewhere.

Large Selection Available

Among the first things you’ll notice about Chinese companies selling mixer pumps is that they give a huge selection. The truth is, you’ll find it hard to find a lot of options elsewhere. You may get the maximum amount of capacity as you would like. To put it briefly, they’ll be able to suit your requirements. In the event that they do not possess something obtainable for sale, they may make one just for you.

Quality Designs

At one time when nobody associated Chinese companies with quality products but those times are gone. China based manufacturers made huge strides in the design superiority construction equipment. Nowadays, many Chinese manufacturers are recognized for offering some of the finest designed products available in the market. This is also due to explanation why China has emerged because the manufacturing capital on the planet.

Almost every major brand on the market has their manufacturing facilities in China and this is also true of construction equipment. For this reason, you do not need to be concerned about quality of products when buying from the reputed Chinese company. Take into account that you will need to do your homework as few are reputed where there are companies who will scrimp but when you deal simply with reputed companies, you wouldn’t need to worry about quality.

Cut Costs

This is a big one and one of the major reasons everybody wants to acquire from Chinese companies. You will find number of reasons why manufacturing in China costs less when compared to the world. One of the major reasons is the fact that there is a lot of requirement for raw material in China since they make all sorts of things on a sunny day. They can order raw material in bulk which naturally results in affordable prices for all the companies situated in China. Secondly, labor is cheap in comparison to the world. Each one of these things combined help you save a lot of cash when you buy concrete mixer pumps from China-based companies.

Every construction company should buy a concrete mixer pump due to its multiple benefits. It’s an invaluable accessory for your line of machinery which enables your construction business more profitable. If you want to buy concrete mixer pumps, company Aimix Group is a good choice.


Компания AIMIX создала в 1982 году, представляет собой крупный и профессиональный производитель строительных техник в Китае. Мы в основном производим и продаем бетонные заводы, бетононасосы, бетономешлаки с самозагрузкой, асфальтовые заводы, и другие строительные оборудования. Наш сайт: https://aimixgroup.ru/ю

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