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Recycling… The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Spread cheer and go green! The holidays can be a hectic time but it is also a great opportunity for recycling and go easy on the environment.

There are many options for buying paper and cardboard, including online and in-store shopping, gift wrapping, and sending out cards.

Our friends shared their tips on going green this holiday season. We are inspired by their ideas and have our own ideas for making this holiday season festive and eco-friendly.

Use Less Gift-Wrapping Paper

The holidays are a time for gift wrapping. Gift wrap made of paper and traditional gift bags can both be recycled. Recycling is important because it repurposes these materials as well as prevents the use of virgin materials.

Our custom reusable bags are great eco-friendly gift wrapping. Reusable bags can be used as gift bags, as they are part of the gift.

Customers can still use your customized reusable bag for shopping, or even long-term purchases.

Custom reusable bags can be used as gift wrap and eliminate the need for gift wrapping materials.

Customers can continue to be green and reduce the use of disposable products well into the new year by using custom reusable bags instead of grocery bags.

Make a Statement

You can easily personalize your reusable bags with branding information to help you promote your brand.

Customers will be more familiar with your brand and will help spread the message about your brand to a wider audience.

To help preserve our green footprint, our custom-made reusable bags can be repurposed after their intended purpose is fulfilled.

Reduce the Complexity of Recycling

While reducing the use of gift-wrapping paper is one option to be green, completely eliminating all cardboard products and paper is impossible.

You can use paper products. However, it is important to recycle any paper that you do use.

In multi-family and apartment dwellings, recycling rates are typically low. Reusable recycling bags have been proven to simplify recycling and increase recycling rates. These bags are space-saving and work in the same way as curbside recycling bins. The bag can be filled with recyclables by tenants who then carry the items to a designated dumpster or collection bin.

Reusable recycling bags can also be printed in full color on all sides. The bags can be used as resources. The bag can also be printed with information about how to recycle, tips, and other useful facts.

Reusable recycling bags make recycling easier for people.

Going Green for the Holidays

Recycling is an important thing and a good idea. Recycling your paper and cardboard is a great way of going green.

Our custom reusable bags as well as our custom recycled bags offer easy ways to recycle during holidays and throughout the year. There are many ways to make this holiday season more eco-friendly. It doesn’t take much to make a difference in the world if we all put in a little effort to be more eco-friendly when gifting. By spreading holiday cheer and making sure everyone has a healthy planet, we can all help one another.

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