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Relevant questions to ask movers before your move takes place

After several days of examining and interviewing the best packers and movers in Mumbai, you have finally opted for a mover who can handle your moving affairs efficiently. That’s good, you have hired a moving company and assume that you have properly looked after the credentials (if they are certified or not). Just make sure to ask the below-mentioned questions before your relocation takes place. Otherwise, you could land up in a situation full of stress.

What does the moving estimate include and what does not?

Chances are that your moving estimate might not include everything. Relocating estimates mostly include the packing and wrapping of mattresses, furniture, transportation of all such stuff, loading and unloading services, and other services that you have opted for. However, there are numerous additional services that may not be included in the quotation. These can involve additional packing loose items, moving or servicing major appliances, and any storage after delivery. If you think you will require these services then we suggest you to ask the movers to add these services as soon as possible.

What facilities do you provide to protect goods during transit?

Reputed movers keep the safety of their customer goods at priority and do every possible practice to keep your goods safe under all conditions. In the same way, to make sure that your precious belongings remain protected throughout the process especially during transit they offer a crucial facility of protecting goods by charging a suitable amount on the declared value of the goods that you wish to move. The unforeseen conditions may include accidents, landslides, and other mishaps that are beyond human control. And by chance, if something gets damaged, then a customer has the authority to file a claim against the damages that occurred.

How is your company dealing with COVID-19 health risks?

At this time when the effect of the corona virus is at its peak, it’s essential to know how your appointed moving company is going to deal with risks. As we all know that the virus transmits through person-to-person and it’s absolutely crucial that the moving professionals use protective equipment and tools while moving your goods. We suggest asking the moving company about precautionary measures and relevant steps they are taking to protect customers and their goods.

What is the estimated day of arrival?

Don’t forget to ask when the moving experts plan to arrive with your packed stuff. If you are relocating to a longer distance then remember that the moving company may not have an exact time of arrival at your home. However, they should be able to give you some estimation. And as the time comes closer, the moving company reaches its destination; the driver should be able to give an exact time of arrival. And, if your move is happening on a local level, the company will likely give an idea of the time to load the moving truck and arrive at your home.

Do you have any prevailing moving offer?

Relocating to a new home is not as cheap as you think. Moreover, those relocating to a long-distance can expect to pay much more pennies to hire a full-service mover. Many moving companies provide moving discounts to their customers based on the current situation of the market or sometimes special discounts are given at the time of festivals. However, military staff may also be able to find moving discounts from various renowned moving companies.

What items are not allowed to be shifted?

Not all things are allowed to be loaded and moved on a moving truck. Your moving partner will provide you with a list of stuff that is not allowed on board, but if they don’t, make sure to ask them. Articles that are not allowed on a moving truck include things that are flammable and hazardous. Perishable items, such as frozen food and plants, are also not allowed. Additionally, sentimental and precious stuff also doesn’t belong to a moving vehicle. These may involve photographs, cash, birth certificates, or jewelry. All of these items need to be relocated by you personally.

Are there any chances of transshipment of goods in the middle of the way?

Customers often forget to ask such important details from their movers. But at times, the mover that you have booked might not be the same delivering the stuff.

For long-distance relocation contracts, your goods may end up getting moved via some other trucks at some point in the middle of the way. They not only transship the goods but also increase the chances of damage. Also, many long distance movers outsource work to get it done. Thus, make sure that you search the company before actually hiring them to move.

Haven’t found your perfect movers yet?

So many options might confuse you to search for the perfect partner who can tackle your move. Finding the right movers and packers in Mumbai can be made easy if you follow the steps given below:

• Seek references for the moving companies from your family and friends.

• If you don’t have any references then you can start your search online.

• Shortlist 2-3 moving companies and start inspecting them.

• Sort inventory and ask for the price estimation quotations.

• Compare and look for the one that fits your budget.

• Check credentials of the companies that is license and certification of a valid moving company.

• Make sure they are physically present by visiting them at their offices.

• Know more about them by getting in touch with the representatives of the concerned companies.

• Get all your queries resolved and don’t hesitate in asking questions as it is a matter of the safety of your goods.

• Once you are satisfied, you can simply get the final deal done that is, inform the date and talk about the modes of payment available.

(Pro tip- Opt only for a company that offers the facility of transit insurance, if the company you are talking to doesn’t offer the same then you can just proceed towards some other option.)

Happy moving!


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