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Remote Working: What are the Benefits?

The coronavirus outbreak has brought attention to remote working. But it’s something that has been changing the nature of work for some time now. IT Support New Jersey can assist you if your company relies entirely on remote work. Nearly 90% of company leaders believe that remote talent platforms are crucial to their company’s ability to compete in the future. A poll by Owl Labs found that during the Covid-19 outbreak, about 70% of U.S. full-time employees work from home. Seventy-seven percent of remote workers claim that working from home increases their productivity.

Remote work statistics frequently show that employees are more satisfied and productive when they work from home, but our post will help you to decide if working remotely is as good as it sounds. Read through the advantages and challenges as you consider them to make an informed decision.

Benefits of Remote Working

Better work-life balance

When eight hours or more of work each day are taken into account, including commuting time and sleep, there is little time left for the family. Long commutes are eliminated when working from home, allowing for more time with loved ones. Additionally, employees are free to wear anything they choose, even shorts, on days when they are not needed to participate in video meetings. Fewer stress results from a higher sense of comfort and improved work-life balance.

Higher productivity

According to a Great Place to Work research, remote workers reported consistent or higher productivity when working from home instead of in an office. The pandemic’s peak months of April and May in 2020 saw the sharpest production gains. This was mainly brought about by the end of regular commutes and lengthy in-person meetings.

Remote workers save money

Trying to calculate how much money working from home will save you? Transportation costs, lunches, coffee breaks, client meetings, and the cost of business attire all add up over time. In fact, according to Global Workplace Analytics, those who work from home, even part-time can save $2,000 to $6,500 annually. You could use all of that money for your family, yourself, or to build a retirement fund.


Remotely employees can work from anywhere, not just from their homes. Coffee shops, beaches, and trips to other countries are now possibilities. Flexible working hours can be a blessing for employees who work late or have small children. Working from home allows you to organize your daily activities around your meeting schedule.

More control

There are more options for how you work when you work remotely, in addition to more options for where you work. You don’t have to endure the monotonous office conversation, the freezing cold air conditioning, or the lukewarm coffee maker. Your office space is completely under your control.


Employees occasionally find it unusual when they start working remotely. The lack of office conversation and the silence are unfamiliar to them. However, as people learn to speak with the right people at the right time without wasting time, this may also promote greater communication. Colleagues may be encouraged to chat and get to know one another through messenger services to see how they might help one another. Remote employment encourages teamwork, which develops communication.


If you work remotely and have a private office, you may make it your own and represent your personality. You can decorate your office with as many images of your children and animals as you like. Making your workspace uniquely own by adding your favorite plants or valued baseball cap collection is the main goal here.

You put in a lot of effort, so having a workspace you enjoy being in will boost your productivity. Remote workers are free to design a setting that is as colourful or as neutral as they like.

Post courtesy: Chris Forte, President and CEO at Olmec Systems.

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