Research Packing Hacks To Make Your Moving Day Easier

You have planned your great vacation or maybe seen your next beautiful abode, and are all ready to vacate. But wait, have you done the packing? If you are grunting an “Ugh” right now, guess what? You are not alone. As humans and avid explorers, we are always so concerned with the new shift either to a temporary place or maybe to a completely new home. During this process, we are oblivious or at least try to cancel out all that life throws at us; even the stuff that we have to take along. So there are few hacks to make your moving day more comfortable.

Are You Carrying it On?

Now, this one is not something recommended if you are moving a townhouse or a mansion but if it is a small move or maybe a short trip to your business meeting or a vacation that you have in sync, carry-ons are not only a solution to a minimalist travel-style but they would save copious time by bypassing the check-ins and letting you zap through the luggage arrival area while others wait for their boxes and heavier luggage to arrive.

Rolling Clothes

No, not Rolling Stones! I know you may be a Beatles fan or even if you aren’t, this name might ring some jingles in your ear. If you use youtube to listen to other jingles, it will be a nice investment of 10-20 minutes you can make and search Rolling Clothes.

What’s Hanging? 

Now, you might have taken care of the loose clothing out there but what about the one-on hangers? What about those dry cleaned clothing that you cannot wish to roll into a burrito? Well, don’t you worry, we have for you a fix that you will love and your clothes will appreciate as well. Thinking garbage bags are just something to put the trash in? Wrong! Yes, as they might look dark and evil holding the grime stuff most of the time, they can be made pure as well. Using garbage bags to stuff your clothes in can not only keep your attire in pristine shape but can also help you store a large number of hanging clothes in one bag.

The Makeup Vault

Okay, in this time and age and with so much being introduced from the cosmetic industry, makeup is a common thing found in any household albeit rich or penurious in nature. Why? Well, who would not want to add some refinement of beauty or add glowing skin with shimmering clothes? Everyone, that’s right! But do remember that makeup just like beauty is very frangible. So, how do you save the chiffons and make sure it is usable after you freshen up in your new home? Simple, use cotton balls. I know, sometimes things are too simple but too hard to catch at the same time.

Rolling is the New Move

As the Covid-19 last year disheveled the media and made people go panic shopping, the most sought commodity in the US was what? And you guessed it: Toilet papers. Yes, we Americans just like our toilet papers and can even invest our entire stimulus check to make sure our toilet never runs out of paper. But apart from the use of toilet paper, the toilet roll that is left can be pretty useful as well. Why so? Well, unless you are from the future or have a lot of money to buy everything wirelessly, each household is infiltrated with cords of all kinds. And we have not even included the cords from your ancestral healing yet.

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Make Your Dishes Wear Some Clothes

Looks like clothes are everywhere, right? And why shouldn’t they be? Remember the rolling clothes strategy that we talked about earlier? Well, there is a tweak you can make onto that and take your packing game out of this world. Yes, that’s right, just a tweak can do so much for your dishware that desperately needs to be saved during a move. Evom’s professional hack-lab and analyst home movers have vehemently addressed the issue of dishware from almost every move they have made.

So, are you ready to move with Evom? Reach us at our website ( or email us your query at If you are a mover and want to join the team, you can email us at Moving has never been this easy, affordable and convenient. Visit Evom now!

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