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Residential Design By DBC Interior

Residential house designs include shophouses (shop houses) covering many things from the living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen / kitchen set, to the bathroom. It is the duty and goal of interior designers to create interior designs that suit the function of the “client” house which also reflects the personal tastes, class and social status of each client. The house is a private space that is of course to be enjoyed and lived comfortably with the wife, children and other close family. There is a term Rumahku is Heaven, this term is solely to make our home feel more comfortable to live in, of course, supported by interior design and furniture that fits the taste, character and class of the home owner, of course.

Defining your desires as a home owner into an interior design that really suits the taste and character you want is not something easy, but with experience and hours of flying our interior designers who are very experienced working on projects with various client characters, this is already not a significant problem. We will make sure you will have an effective residential design and in accordance with the wishes of the home owner. We recognize that homeowner characteristics, such as color schemes and layouts, tend to be different for the tastes of each home owner. For example, home design for parents with small children will be very different from residential interior design for single children without children. The furniture in a child’s bedroom should be easily accessible and fit the child’s needs or a single person without a child can use the additional bedroom space as an office or guest bedroom.


Our interior designers also have architectural knowledge and understand the details of room construction. For example, if you as a home owner want to remove walls to create a larger and more open living room, we can be sure that our designers with experience in residential interior design will very easily provide suggestions or other alternative solutions without having to remove the walls first if this is the case. this is possible by making project planning as well as materials and materials needed effectively and efficiently. Our residential interior designers not only understand the architectural details of windows, doors and walls, but also understand how things can affect the design of the house as a whole.

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