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Residential Lighting Solutions: What Are the Top Trends in 2022?

Residential Lighting Solutions: What Are the Top Trends in 2022?

The right lighting solutions can make or break an interior design concept.

Getting the lighting right in your home can mean everything from falling asleep quicker to concentrating better when working remotely. It can mean the difference between a dim, dark, dank basement and a cheery, bright one.

And that’s just the science behind the bulbs in your lighting. You also need to consider the style of the fixtures! And for that, you need to pay attention to current trends—particularly if you’re planning to sell your home soon.

Read on to learn what to expect in lighting design in 2022.

Mismatched Luminescence

When it comes to residential lighting in 2022, the “boho” of the 2000s is being transformed into a new era of eclecticism.

Homeowners are scouring the thrift stores for all manner of mid-century modern table lamps, 1980s chandeliers, and 60s wall scones to mix with contemporary fixtures crafted from steel and LED.

With prices rising across the board, you can still afford a few trendy lighting pieces getting the rest for cheap.

Harmony in Symmetry

Classic is always current! Lighting trends in this space include choosing fixtures with a balanced design and symmetrically installing lights in a room. For example, matching scones on either side of a fireplace or perfectly spaced Hollywood mirror lights in the bathroom.

Symmetry in home design demands a clean approach. That means no wires hanging from fixtures and discrete recessed lighting in functional areas. Be sure to hire professionals like Long View Lighting to help you achieve this sleek look.

Oversized Focus Fixtures

One of the biggest trends for new lighting fixtures in 2022 is oversized chandeliers. These lights call attention to themselves in dramatic, daring ways—becoming the focal point of a room or entryway.

And the extravagance isn’t limited to large spaces. Don’t be afraid to add an enormous steel and glass ceiling light to your bathroom. Adorn the corner of your living room with a floor lamp that has the reach of a giraffe.

Always Trending Alabaster

Stone is making a comeback in 2022, primarily because neutrals still reign supreme as the color palette of choice for new home builds.

A translucent variation of calcite or gypsum, alabaster offers a little more richness than its stark counterparts—marble and granite. Today, it’s being made into everything from scones to table lamps to statement lighting.

Sculptures in LED

LED technology offers high-end lighting brands and custom light makers the chance to go wild with their indoor home lighting designs.

Tiny bulbs or LED rope can be crafted into everything from neon wording to enormous murals. Alternatively, LEDs are being paired with steel, wood, or concrete to create literal light sculptures for the home—as much a practical illumination device as a piece of art.

Lighting Solutions in 2022: A Lot to Consider

Lighting solutions can be a complicated area of home design to get just right. If you’re not sure which fixtures to choose or what kinds of bulb intensity, illumination, or brightness work best in the various rooms of your home, consult with a professional lighting designer. They’ll guide you to options that fit your budget and your decor.

For more helpful homeowner advice, browse the other articles on our blog.

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