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Road Trip In And Around Patna

Tourist from all over India can visit Patna for an amazing time. Road trip in and around Patna is extraordinary exploring some religious and historical sites. Book cab service in Patna for a hassle free ride through out the trip.

Patna – Buxar

From Patna, one of the best road journeys in Bihar is to Buxar, a serene and peaceful town. Buxar is rich in history, having witnessed two famous Indian battles: the 1539 A.D. conflict between Sher Shah Suri and Humayun and the 1764 combat between Mir Kasim and Major Hector Monro.

Buxar, which is located on the banks of the Ganges River, is home to a number of holy structures, including the Bihariji Temple and the Brameshwar Nath Temple. Katkauli-ka-Maidan, Buxar Fort, and Sita Ram Upadhyaya Museum are some of Buxar’s other well-known attractions.

Patna – Danapur – Bihta – Arrah – Jagdishpur – Buxar (route map)

143.2-kilometer distance

4 hours and 22 minutes in length

Buxar- Rohtas

The journey from Buxar passes through a slew of small, lovely villages before arriving in Rohtas, which was originally part of the Magadha empire. Rohtas is known for its rich history and culture. The beautiful Rohtasgarh Fort, perched at an elevation of roughly 1500 metres above sea level, is the town’s main attraction.

Many important structures can be seen within this picturesque fort, including Ganesh Temple, Jama Masjid, Hathiya Pol, and Aina Mahal. Another popular tourist destination is the Tarachandi Temple, which is one of the country’s 52 Shakti Peethas. Bhaluni Dham and Shergarh Fort are two other locations to visit in Rohtas.

Buxar – Shukraulia – Uttampur – Rajpur – Jamauli – Kochas – Sirsia – Kharari – Rohtas – Buxar – Shukraulia – Uttampur – Rajpur – Jamauli – Kochas – Sirsia – Kharari – Rohtas

70.9-kilometer distance

2 hours and 17 minutes in length

Rohtas – Rajgir

From Rohtas to Rajgir is one of Bihar’s longest and most interesting road excursions. The historic town of Rajgir was originally the Magadha Empire’s capital. Rajgir is now famous for its exquisite Buddhist ruins, breathtaking rock-cut caverns, fascinating Muslim tombs, and grand Hindu and Jain temples.

Rajgir is home to a number of holy sites having Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist connections. Since time immemorial, travellers have been drawn to the Saptaparni Caves, Vultures Peak, Ajatshatru Fort, Bimbisara prison, Swarna Gufa, and the famous Rajgir hot springs. During the famed local festivals of Rajgir Mahotsav and Makar Sankranti Mela, tourists flock to Rajgir in droves.

Rohtas – Shiyawak – Daudnagar – Nagain – Goh – Rupaspur – Panchananpur – Punahda – Panari – Khizarsarai – Sultanpur – Khudai – Lodipur

170.8-kilometer distance

Time: 5 hours and 15 minutes

Rajgir – Munger

The road trip from Rajgir to Munger is one of the most popular in Bihar. Munger, known for its rich traditions, has kept its old-world charm and colourful cultural heritage intact. The lush forest, bubbling streams, charming alleyways, age-old monuments, and captivating hot springs are all well-known features of this lovely town.

Munger, once the capital of the Mir Kasim empire, is now a popular yoga resort. Munger Fort, Pir Shah Nufa’s mausoleum, and Shah Suja’s Palace are among of the historical sites in Munger. The Chandisthana Temple, Kastaharni Ghat, Sita Kund, and the Baptist Mission are among the religious sites here. Some of Munger’s best shopping spots include Sri Ram Market and Purani Bazaar.

Rajgir – Ghorahi – Chandinama – Sanaiya – Sheikhpura – Lakhisarai – Balgudar – Surajgarha – Jamalpur – Munger (route map)

125.6-kilometer distance

3 hours and 13 minutes long

Munger – Begusarai

From Munger to Begusarai is one of the best weekend road journeys in Bihar. Begusarai, an industrial town, is known for its wealth of antiquities, massive stupas, and old pillars. The Begusarai Museum houses a collection of stunning art and artefacts discovered in and around the town.

Stone sculptures, ancient coins, clay artefacts, ceramics, and Pala artworks are on display at the museum. Radha Shyam Temple, Jaimangal Garh Temple, and Panch Mandir are among the many religious attractions in Begusarai. One of Begusarai’s most popular attractions is the colorful Simaria Mela, which takes place near the Simaria Ghat.

Munger – Jamalpur – Rajdham – Surajgarha – Balgudar – Tahadiya – Barahiya – Malpur – Minapur – Gobindpur – Begusarai 

94.3-kilometer distance

2 hours and 34 minutes long

Begusarai – Darbhanga

A road journey to Darbhanga will take you through several historic villages, giving you the opportunity to connect with the locals and learn about the region’s illustrious past. Darbhanga will enchant you with its spectacular historic ruins, while its magnificent monuments and gorgeous mansions transport you to another era.

The city, also known as the ‘Cultural capital of Bihar,’ is the ideal blend of rich culture, enigmatic mythology, and intriguing folklore.

Darbhanga, one of Bihar’s oldest cities, will entice you with its artistic and musical diversity. Local marketplaces such as Masraf Bazar, Pahee Market, Tower Chowk Market, and Tara Market will provide you with plenty of options to buy fantastic souvenirs such as Sikki Mauni antiquities, Madhubani paintings, and traditional sweets.

Begusarai – Fatehpur – Ajnaul – Dalsinghsarai – Chandchaur – Mohanpur – Samastipur – Mohiuddinpur – BasudeoPur – Phulhara – Dath – Barheta – Darbhanga

112.9-kilometer distance

3 hours in length

Darbhanga – Patna

A short weekend road journey from Darbhanga to Patna is popular with families and couples alike. Patna, formerly known as Pataliputra, is one of the country’s fastest developing cities. Capital city is almost 2,500 years old, making it one of the world’s oldest continually occupied cities.

Patna, the birthplace of many great Indian academics such as Chanakya, Panini, and Aryabhatta, is the epicentre of Jainism and Buddhism. The Patna Museum, Jalan Museum, and Pataliputra Ruins will provide you an insight into the city’s rich history. Golghar, Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, and Takht Sri Patna Sahib are among the other attractions of Patna.

Darbhanga – Kamtaul – Shiv Daha – Jarang East – Maithi – Karanpur – Paigamber Pur – Kolhua – Jarhua – Kurhani – Bhagwanpur – Hajipur – Patna

The distance between the two points is 139.7 kilometres.

3 hours and 27 minutes long

Patna – Rajgir

One of the most popular road excursions in Bihar is from Patna to Rajgir. Rajgir is easily accessible from Patna, having well-maintained roads all the way. City, the erstwhile capital of Magadha, will astound you not only with its history, but also with its natural beauty. Rajgir is located in a deep valley and is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

The hot springs, which are supposed to have medical characteristics, are one of Rajgir’s main attractions. Rajgir’s proud relics include the Ajatshatru Fort, Bimbisara Jail, and Swarna Bhandar. Jivaka Avan Gardens, Venu Vana, Cyclopean Walls, and Vishwa Shanti Stupa are some of the city’s other notable attractions.

Patna – Khusrupur – Chandi – Chandasi – Bihar Sharif – Bakhri village – Rajgir Route-Map

93.7 kilometres in length

2 12 hours and 31 minutes

Rajgir- Gaya

From Rajgir, one of the shortest road trips in Bihar is to Gaya. Gaya is the state’s second largest city, with spiritual and historical significance. The city is well-known for its Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage sites, as well as its picturesque natural environs.

Gaya is one of Bihar’s most picturesque cities, with steep hills around it and the sacred waters of River Phalgu flowing through it. Some of the most important religious sites to visit in Gaya include the Mahabodhi Temple, Lord Yama Temple, Chinese Temple, Vishnupad Temple, Dungeshwari Cave Temples, and Mangla Gauri Temple.

Rajgir – Sarsu – Raj Bigha – Gehlor – Khamri – Nawada – Itwan – Kaiya – Manpur – Gaya 

59.7 kilometers is the distance between two points.

1 hour and 43 minutes in length

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