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Romantic Flower Bouquet That Shows Everlasting Love

Being in love is the most exciting feeling in the world. You feel like you have wings, and you are flying up in the skies. Expressing your passion requires special romantic gifts, whether you want to start a new romantic relationship in the middle of one or whether you have been married for years. Flowers are the best gift option when you want to show the romantic side of yourself. Flowers are not only beautiful but also charming and meaningful.

It is hard to decide which types of flowers are ideal on a romantic occasion with so many flowers. While most people prefer sending red blooms to their partners, it is always good to consider how deep your romantic relationship is or how old it is. Another point is that Valentine’s Day is not the only occasion that requires you to send romantic flowers to your loved ones. You can send romantic flowers on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Christmas Day, or you just want to remind your partner how much you love him or her.

You don’t need to struggle with words if you have beautiful and meaningful flowers. However, how the flowers are arranged in a bouquet or flower basket plays a great role in making the flowers presentable. With COVID-19 having adverse effects on our interaction with others, online flower deliveries offer the best way to send flowers to your loved ones. In this post, we shall look at the various types of romantic flowers that you can send to express your affection toward them. You can find all these at


To start us off, we have tulips. These colorful beauties are regarded as the second most romantic flowers from roses. They are spring bloomers and come in varying colors, including red, purple, white, pink, and yellow. When you see these flowers blooming, it means that they are ushering spring after a cold winter. Tulips bloom for only 3 to 7 days, but you can always get them at, no matter the season or the occasion you are trying to celebrate. The red tulip flowers represent love. Ordering a flower basket of red tulips and sending them to your partner is the perfect way to say that you love them. White tulips are ideal romantic flowers to someone you’ve hurt because they convey apology. By ordering from reputable flower delivery such as Cosmea Gardens, you’ll get tulip flowers in all the colors you want to freshly deliver to your better half, boyfriend, or girlfriend. 


Known to convey the first pangs of love, lilacs come in a light violet shade that entices anyone setting eyes on them. Love must start somewhere; therefore, if you feel that you have found your soulmate and you want to take your relationship a notch higher, lilacs are the best romantic flowers to pass that message. There is no point in falling in love and not expressing what you feel. Suppose you have already established a romantic relationship with your partner, and you have been going out for a while now. In that case, you can go for lilac flowers that are available in a stronger magenta color. This color conveys passionate love. They are an awesome bunch of flowers to send to your partner on his or her birthday. 


Roses never disappoint when it comes to sending romantic vibes. However, the color choice speaks volumes about the sentiments you want to send. Deep red roses are obvious hues to express passionate love. That is why they are the most sold blooms during Valentine’s Day. Any woman will appreciate a bouquet of red roses ordered from Cosmea Gardens because they are hand-cut and arranged to ensure that they retain their goodness. Pink roses are also ideal romantic flowers. However, they are perfect flowers to send to someone you have just started going out with. If you have that special lady that has always troubled your heart, it is time to open up your heart and pour what’s inside. A yellow rose is a perfect bloom to send to a friend. Red roses are perfect for sending on Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas to your spouse. 


Viewed as exotic flowers, orchids are also delicate and romantic blooms. With proper attention and care, orchids can bloom again after fading in the resting period. Since the medieval ages, orchids have represented luxury, making them among the most popular romantic flowers. Orchids are available in almost all colors of the rainbow. They also convey hope, love, and lack. They are best given or sent on Valentine’s Day and a special loved one’s birthday. Cosmea Gardens has all sorts of romantic flowers, including all orchid hues. 

The Stargazer Lily

When you are looking for a dramatic and bold romantic choice of flowers to send to a special person in your life, then the stargazer lily is the perfect option. Stargazer lilies also come in many different colors, but the best option for romantic flowers is bright pink with white accents. If your spouse loves bright flowers, then she will appreciate these. Lilies represent prosperity or wealth, making them perfect for a couple that wants to grow old together. Stargazer lilies make perfect floral gifts for wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. You can also choose to send them to surprise your spouse at the workplace or office to remind her that you are thinking of her. 


If you are looking for romantic flowers to surprise that special introverted person in your life, then pastel carnations will work quite well. White carnations convey pure love, which pink ones symbolize admiration. Since they are flowers for January, you can decide to send them as birthday gifts for anyone celebrating their birthday in January. 


Daisies are beautiful and vibrant flowers that come in many varieties. The most popular daisies are gerbera daisies because they come in various bright colors, including red, white, yellow, and pink. They are known to convey cheerfulness and innocence. They are best presented in a basket. Impress your spouse or girlfriend with red daisies to show her that she still holds the keys to your heart. It makes birthdays fun and special by sending a flower basket with different gerbera daisy hues. 


are always impressive when you want to express your undying love to your partner. You can count on for guidance when you are looking for the best romantic flowers with numerous flowers to choose from. They package their flowers in different arrangements, including bouquets, flower baskets, and centerpieces. These are the most popular romantic flowers that will help you deliver your love message vividly. You don’t need to buy expensive gifts to show how much you love someone. Flowers are simple yet effective gifts for those in love and are not ashamed to announce them. Don’t forget to include a special romantic massage with your floral gift.

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