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Routine Maintenance List For Plumbing

While it’s said that prevention is better than cure, regular maintenance in the plumbing industry can help homes avoid expensive repairs and utility costs. Here are a few quick preventative maintenance tips by Alexander Plumbing & Gas for your home.

Focus On Toilet Preventative Measures

Even though people use their toilets daily, you don’t often remove the tank cover to look inside it.

it’s a good idea to check the supply line, fill, supply, and flush values for corrosion and functionality. Toilet leaks can be undetectable, but wastewater can be expensive.

Avoid Getting Weary About Your Water Heater

Has your water heater ever let you down or disappointed you? It could be that your water heater is less efficient as a result of silt buildup.

Every year, you should drain and clean your water heater to get rid of the sediments to extend its lifespan and improve its functionality.

Repair Leaking Faucets And Showerheads

Plumber Ipswich claims that fixing your leaking faucet and showerhead is the perfect place to start if you are conserving the environment and money. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the weekly water waste for an average family is 180 gallons.

While shutting off the flow, ensure your faucet handles don’t leak. You should also check for leaks under sinks and coming from showerheads. These could indicate a rusted valve, worn washers, or a degraded O-ring.

Check For Slow Drains

Slow-moving drains may be a sign of more serious issues. How well-drained are your showers, bathtubs, and sinks?

Try flushing your drains with a solution of hot vinegar and water if they’re moving slowly. If they continue to move slowly, you might have a clog and require professional assistance.

Applying chemicals or force to remove blockage risks breaking pipes and creating worse problems. To prevent a clog, clean the drain P-traps under your sink, and use screens or drainage baskets in the bathtub and shower.

Missing Caulk

Caulking is important as it creates a watertight seal for your bathroom’s walls and flooring. A lack of caulk can allow humidity and water to infiltrate behind your walls and into your floorboards, producing the ideal conditions for mold and mildew.

Check the tiles surrounding your sink, shower, and tub for missing or degraded caulk. 

Seasonal Changes

In the summertime, outdoor faucets, pool connections, and sprinklers are free-flowing, but if they aren’t prepared for the winter, they might stop your plumbing in its tracks.

Putting insulating outside faucets and turning off their outdoor water supplies should be on your list of preventative maintenance tasks to complete before it gets cold. Before the landscaping becomes dormant, you might need to perform a thorough sprinkler winterization.


Emergency plumbing situations are difficult to ignore, but routine maintenance is simple to put away. You may save money by planning out your home’s routine maintenance.

Plumbers at Alexander Plumbing & Gas can do preventative maintenance on the plumbing system in your house. Or, if you run into a problem while completing your plumbing examination, their experts can provide first-rate service in response to your need for assistance the same day.

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