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Running A SaaS Brand? Here’s Why You Might Need Expert Help!

If you own a SaaS marketing agency, service is almost certainly one of the areas where you want to excel. The secret to success and progress is to provide excellent assistance. On the other hand, customer service can be the highest time-consuming and costly operation in your company if not done correctly. As a result, how you assist may make or destroy your company. It’s not one of those instances where you can start “fast and dirty” and then refine afterward. You might, but it would be a hazardous option.

In the beginning, professional support entailed emailing, which was inefficient. Then, help stations, chat services, information sources, and a slew of other technologies allowed for support optimization. It’s much simpler to create a top-notch supporting system these days. Still, despite all of the existing alternatives and knowledge on the subject, experts continue to come across SaaS applications that aren’t doing it well. Here are some suggestions for improving your SaaS brand’s expert support procedure.

  • To begin with, make it simple to find help

When an application user requires assistance, they’re already in a “frustration stage.” Most of the time, they’re attempting to work out or do something with your program that they can’t do naturally. 

They could have run into a problem or be lacking functionality that’s important to them. You would not want to repeat the mistake of masking your support assistance or, worse, your communication channels.

There are no objections because solutions to the issue exist and are simple to execute. Your assistance contact form and materials should all be available via a single, prominent support tab or hyperlink. Your experts should enable all these options.

  • Learn why you’re getting support tickets and how to fix it.

Support inquiries are often classified into three types:

  • Bugs Items that are lacking
  • Features that are perplexing or concealed
  • The first issue you must resolve is that of bugs.

Defects and bugs will still arise, and the accompanying support requests will be sent, even if the assistance process is streamlined. However, if a lacking feature continues cropping up in support requests, it’s generally not a terrible idea to add it. If you choose not to build a feature, at the very least make a FAQ article describing why and suggesting substitutes. The very last thing you want to see is a disgruntled customer who wonders why you couldn’t help them.

However, if you truly want to reduce the number of support requests you receive, you should focus on the area of unclear or hidden functionalities.

  • Ensure that all support requests are directed to the same location.

Nowadays, information is disseminated in all areas. Your customers don’t care which assistance channel you favor; they’ll utilize whatever is most convenient for them at the moment. Because most queries will come while consumers use your products, you’ll want to ensure that the contact information for your support service is prominently displayed. 

It’s easy to become overwhelmed. Things begin to go between the cracks; conversation histories are lost, etc. This is not a viable option. You actually need to centralize the majority, if not all, of your assistance communications.


Lastly, remember that support or expert help isn’t a stand-alone job; it’s intricately linked to everything else you’re performing, including product development, missing or damaged functionalities, advertising, and client services. Ensure you apply what you’ve learned from customer service to everything else you do for your SaaS marketing agency.

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