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Running Fast and Long With Under Armour Shoe

Under Armour is one of the finest and popular brands in Singapore. As such when it comes to buying Running Shoes, one can blindly buy a pair of Under `Armour shoes.  So let see what lies underneath the soles of the shoes from Under Armour

  1. Comfort: – The shoes from Under Armour are very light and comfortable. The shoes weight starts at about 200 gram.
  2. Specialized: – Most of Under Armour shoes are specialized and are made for a particular sport or function. This can be walking, running, golf, cross training, marathon running, badminton, tennis and so on. You name a sport; there is a high chance that Under Armour has a shoe for it. Even amongst the running shoes, they are further specialized for daily run, marathon, long run, speed run etc.
  3. Long lasting: – Under Armour shoes are made from good quality materials and excellent workmanship. As such, they last for a long time
  4. Cushion: – Most Under Armour shoes have a layer of cushion that reduces any impact and keep the feet safe. This is made possible by the proprietary cushioning technology owned by Under Armour called HOVR
  5. Water resistant: – Under Armour products are made with water repelling features. This make it easier to run in terrain which is uneven and water logged.

Some popular running shoes from Under Armour includes the following

  1. HOVR machina:- Weighing less than 250 grams, this beast of a shoe comes with midsole cushioning foam and a chip that connects to MapmyRun app on Bluetooth. Once the shoe is connected with the app, it’s very easy to keep track of analytics like distance covered, speed, cadence, stride length etc. This makes it much easier for you to record and improve yourself.
  2. HOVR Sonic 3:- It is well known for good energy return and good cushioning. It is an all-rounder and can be used both for daily runs and long runs.
  3. Horizon BPF- BPF or “bullet-proof feather” has a very good grip and is versatile enough to run on grainy road. It has a very protective upper body and has low weight
  4. Charged Bandit 5:- It’s the most value for money Under Armour shoe. It is light, versatile, has soft midfoot and firm heels.
  5. HOVR Phantom RN: – It has more cushion than most of the other Under Armour shoes. Though this make the shoe comfortable, it is heavier and rigid
  6. HOVR Velociti 3:- These shoes are light, breathable and are designed for speed. It has a great combo of HOVR foam and Micro G cushion which make it very responsive.

Remember, the race that actually matters is the one you run against yourself. Strive to be better than your past self and you will improve at a tremendous rate. As such use Under

Armour Singapore code to buy the shoe that will give you the boost you need to win against yourself.

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