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Safely Extract Mailbox from EDB File – The Optimum Solution

Microsoft Exchange! Everyone reading this blog must be aware of how useful this utility is for businesses. However, users often ask for a solution to extract mailbox from EDB file safely. We are going to discuss the reasons for the same in this article later. This task is quite difficult for users as it involves in-depth technicalities that most users aren’t aware of.

Reading this article without skipping any crucial key points can lead users to the solution they are searching for so long. You can get both manual & automated solutions so that you can compare & select your choice. Moreover, the advantages & disadvantages of these methods are also mentioned in the blog. 

Why Users Extract Mailbox from EDB to PST File Format – Critical Reasons

We can not say that there is this one reason that makes users undergo such complicated operations. There can be various reasons for different users as per their diverse needs. In addition, the most common reasons are mentioned below to get a better understanding of the crux.

  • Users come across situations where they want to access their vital data stores in disconnected/dismounted or orphaned EDB files. In such cases, they want to get these files in PST format.
  • Several scenarios occur when users need to separate their shared, archive, or public folder from their primary mailbox. That’s when they get these EDB files & save them somewhere else.
  • There are moments when users face several issues in mounting the EDB file on Exchange server. This is really frustrating from users’ point of view & make user extract these files from the mailbox. 
  • When there is any requirement of accessing the Exchange mailboxes on any other platform, users extract & convert the file format of EDB files.

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Pre-Requisites to Extract Mailbox from EDB File Totally Free

As such, there is no direct way of getting our expected results from Microsoft. However, we do have a manual method of using EAC (Exchange Admin Center). Firstly, users need to connect or mount the EDB files to an existing or new mailbox(temporary) to get the data. You can skip the lengthy & confusing manual method & can learn the automated solution directly.

  1. Log In to the Exchange Admin Center as an Administrator. 
  2. Go to Recipients option >> Mailboxes >>… (More) >> Click on Connect a mailbox option.
    Click Mailbox
  3. From the available disconnected mailboxes, Select the Desired Mailbox & Click on the Connect button.
    Select Desired Mailbox
  4. Select “Yes, connect to the user account above” in the pop-up window.
    Click Yes
  5. Click on the Browse button to choose the Desired Mailbox & Click on the Finish button.
    Click Finish

Now, the mailbox is ready for extraction.

Manual Method to Extract Mailbox from Offline EDB File

Now that we’ve successfully completed the prerequisites, it’s time to execute the actual mailbox extraction operation. Using the Exchange admin center, you can extract data from Exchange servers 2013, 2016, 2019. Execute the steps below with respective images.

Step-1. Open “Exchange Admin Center” & then simply go to the “mailboxes” tab in the “recipients” option.

Open EAC

Step-2. Select the Mailbox & Right Click on it. Then just Click on the Export to a PST file option.

Select PST File

Step-3. Now, users need to Browse the Mailbox from which they want to extract the data files & then Click on the Next button to move one step closer to extract mailbox from EDB file. 

Browse Mailbox

Step-4. Set the Local System Destination Location where you want to save data & then proceed.

Click Next

Note:- At this moment, users can set the option to receive an email once their data is extracted from EDB mailboxes.

Step-5. Enable or disable the button as per your choice. Finally, Click on the Finish button at the bottom.

Click Finish to Extract Mailbox from EDB File

These are the steps if you want to execute the operation using the manual method using EAC. There’s one more method using the PowerShell scripts but that’s even tougher for users. That method demands detailed knowledge of PowerShell cmdlets to get the expected results. In addition, that method is even riskier.

Now we are going to check out the modern approach for users that is recommended by experts for the operation. Let’s explore the best available solution.

Automated Solution to Solve the User Query without Any Hassle

To counter the challenges present in this operation, experts created an advanced tool enriched with advanced & latest algorithms. Not only this but also this software is tested through various tough tests. Then only the developers made it available for users all across the world to extract mailbox from EDB file safely.

Do you want to execute this operation in a much easier manner? If yes, then download the Most Used EDB to PST Converter to execute the operation safely. Follow the detailed steps with images in the below section & then don’t miss out on any of the key points. 

Step-1. Download the Utility, Run It & then Click on Add File option.

Run Tool

Step-2. Preview all the Mailboxes data & select the Items you need.

Preview Mailbox

Step-3. Select PST as the outcome & Click on the Advance settings.

Select PST

Step-4. Set the Date Filter & category Filter as per your preference.

Date Filter

Step-5. Now Select the Destination where you want to save the files.

Click on Browse Button

Step-6. At last, Click on the Export button to finish the operation.

Click Export to extract mailbox from EDB file

Note:-  Users can view the Status Report after the successful completion of the operation.

Users get two to see this message for reports. Click on Save here as shown below:

status report

Pros & Cons of Both The Methods

It’s time to reveal the pros & cons of all the methods we discussed above in the article. Let’s start with the manual method first & then we can discuss the features of the automated method as it can take time.

Manual Method Pros:

  • It is free. Users do not need to pay for it.

Manual Method Cons:

  • The manual method is risky & can cause data less or data corruption.
  • It can take hours & waste crucial time for the business.
  • This is an inefficient method that reduces work efficiency.
  • The manual method is a lot more technical & only wise users can execute this.

Automated Method Pros:

  • It saves crucial time for businesses as it is much faster than the automated method.
  • The automated method is totally safe & securely extract mailbox from EDB to PST.
  • New users can easily execute the operation due to its simplified GUI & short steps.
  • This is the most efficient way of getting the desired results in this operation.

Automated Method Cons:

Although this tool is very affordable, users need to pay for it. It is not free because of the advanced features. 


We all know that Extracting EDB mailboxes is not any rocket science but it’s not so simple either. It requires high technical knowledge of the right way to execute the operation to get the expected results. The major aspect to keep in mind while undergoing such an operation is selecting the perfect tool.

As per the expert’s suggestion, the modern approach is the best way to execute this operation. The above-mentioned tool can help you extract mailbox from EDB file to your desirable file format with ease. So what are you waiting for? Start solving your problems on your own. If you have any queries, do let me know to provide you with appropriate solutions.

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