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Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility: Can It Work Out?

Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility: Can It Work Out?

If you’re astrologically inclined, then you’ll be familiar with the 12 zodiac signs and the different traits and personalities each one embodies. Some star signs are perfect for one another when it comes to compatibility, others not so much. But that doesn’t always mean it’s doomed to fail.

More than 50% of women identify with their zodiac sign in some way and refer to it for answers in times of uncertainty. When it comes to Sagittarius and Cancer, there are some important factors to consider if you want the relationship to work.

To learn more about zodiac sign compatibility and whether or not this pairing is right for you, then keep reading to find out.

The Elements

It’s important to understand the 4 elements when it comes to zodiac relationships. Sagittarius is the fire element, meaning they’re known for their spontaneity and competitive spirit. Whereas Cancer is the water element, with an emotional and sensitive nature.

It can be tricky mixing fire and water together, as Sagittarius isn’t afraid to say what they feel and can often hurt the feelings of the more sensitive Cancer.

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The most important aspect of any relationship is the ability to communicate. With the optimistic personality of Sagittarius against the more reserved Cancer, it can be challenging to stay on the same page.

It will be testing for both of these zodiac signs to understand each other effectively, but not entirely.

Their shared affection for one another will open the door for conversation easily enough, as long as they’re willing to appreciate and recognize each other’s feelings.

Love and Sex

Fire signs are known to fall in love pretty quick, but to keep that flame burning their partner needs to make a conscious effort to make the relationship exciting.

Water signs need time to build a relationship and don’t tend to dive right in. They need to establish a feel for the person and get to know them on a friend basis first.

With a desire for emotional security, Cancer may have an issue with the lack of depth present in the sex life of a Sagittarius. Cancer’s shortage of sexual creativity will, in return, likely bore Sagittarius. Both are sexual signs, so finding a balance shouldn’t be difficult if both are willing to work on it.

Think You Know the Compatibility Between Sagittarius and Cancer?

Now you’ve learned the most important compatibility factors between Sagittarius and Cancer, you’ll be able to establish whether or not this relationship is worthwhile.

To make the most out of this match, Sagittarius will need to slow down a bit and meet Cancer in the middle. There has to be a willingness to compromise on both sides for the best chance of this relationship to blossom.

Remember, enough water can extinguish a fire. But too much fire can evaporate water. Balance is key.

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