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Screen Recording: A Quick Guide For Beginners

An easy-to-use screen recording tool is a must-have tool in every video creator’s arsenal as you can record any and all video footage from your screen, without any limitations. 

From tutorials to recording a product demo, a screen recording tool can help you create different types of video from scratch. If you are still on the fence about using screen recording, here’s a handy guide to help you create perfectly polished videos in no time.

What are the benefits of using a screen recording?

Results in better collaboration 

Now that an increasingly large number of teams are working remotely, efficient communication is more important than ever. Screen recording can help teams to communicate asynchronously. Instead of getting caught up in an endless loop of emails and calls, screen recording can be used for explaining a task, giving feedback, closing support tickets, onboarding new employees, and much more.  

You can also use screen recording to make training more interactive and engaging which can be helpful during employee onboarding–simply record your screen and voice to narrate tutorials and presentations and let the learner learn at their own pace.

Makes it easier to get assistance when you are facing a technical error

Have you ever tried getting technical assistance but struggled a lot to describe the actual issue you are facing? It can be extremely difficult to explain the bugs you encounter while trying out new software or systems. But with screen recording, you can simply capture the error you are facing and play the video when requesting technical assistance.

You don’t have to remember every detail of a conversation

Have you ever finished a long video call with someone to discuss something important and secretly wished you could replay the entire conversation because you forgot to note down a point? 

Screen recording makes that possible. You can save video calls/conferences and easily refer to them at a later date without having to go comb through copious amounts of notes. 

What type of videos can you create with screen recording?

There are infinite possibilities as screen recording is extremely versatile. Here’s a roundup of the most common types of videos one can create:

Product demo videos: A screen recorder can help you create a complete product walkthrough video to show your product in action and highlight the benefits it offers.

Instructional videos:  Instructional videos are a powerful weapon for any product or service provider. Whether you are a business trying to provide a step-by-step process of using your product or an educator who wants to record mini-lecture for students,  you can use screen recording to create such videos. You can record as you narrate and even add annotations. 

Sales pitch videos: If you want to make a more convincing sales pitch for your prospect, use a screen video recording as you talk about the product. Adding a human touch to sales pitches is always more effective in getting prospect’s attention. 

How-to videos: Want to explain the solution to a particular problem? A screen recording with audio is beneficial as you can speak directly to the audience and humanize the content. Moreover, with the help of a  screen and camera recorder, you can add webcam footage of yourself within the how-to video screen recording to give it a more personal touch. 

Customer support videos: When your customers get stuck with an issue, providing support through a screen recording can be far more effective in resolving the problem because you can simultaneously show and tell.  This can result in a better customer experience overall and make the process efficient. 

How to use a screen recording tool

Using a screen recording tool is fairly straightforward. Here’s how it can be done:

  • Make sure to create a rough outline of what you want to record. It’s best to prepare a script so that you don’t miss out on anything important.
  • Choose a place with minimal disturbance and launch the recording software on your PC or desktop 
  • Depending on whether you wish to record the screen along with a webcam overlay or the screen only with audio, select the relevant recording mode
  • Click on the recording button to begin recording 
  • Click on the stop recording button once you are done
  • Save the recording and use a video editor to customize it by adding different frames, colors, subtitles, transitions, etc. 
  • Once you are happy with the edits, save the changes, export the video, and share it with the world.

What to watch out for in a good screen recording tool

Screen recording tools are available as a browser extension and as well standalone software. While the market is flooded with a number of them, not all of them can deliver the same results. Here are a few things to look out for before you decide to choose one:

  • The screen recorder should provide you the flexibility of recording the entire screen or a particular area of the screen.
  • It should have a user-friendly interface so that the learning curve is not very steep.  All the options should be presented in an intuitive manner so that you don’t have to waste time navigating. 
  • It should be compatible with both Windows and Mac OS so that you don’t have to keep changing the tool simply because you want to use a different operating system. 
  • Having access to editing functionalities is a must when you are screen recording. It makes it easier to trim unnecessary footage and add elements that make viewing more enjoyable. Using a  free online video editor, you can add intro and conclusion to your screen recordings to add extra clarity and make them more effective. 
  • Lastly, using a screen recording tool that allows you to upload the video to social media platforms directly can help you save time.

Ready to make the most of screen recording?

With an easy-to-use tool by your side, creating great-looking screencasts is a lot easier than you think! Now that the basics of screen recording are at your fingertips, identify how you can leverage it and get started. 

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