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Shopify Updates for 2021 to Help Merchants Levitate their Sales – Shopify Development company

Shopify is one of the most popular and profound platforms in the eCommerce marketplace. Thousands of businesses belonging to different niches use it as their core platform to manage business operations.  As a result, Shopify’s innovations hold the power to transform and guide the eCommerce businesses towards further expansion. In order to embrace this, it’s crucial for merchants and Shopify development company to keep an eye on the trends. As it will guide merchants in improving their overall business and enhancing their user’s experience. This in the long run can play a crucial role in improving overall profits and sales of the businesses. 

However, keeping an eye on updates and analyzing each of these from a business-specific perspective can be quite daunting. As it requires merchants to have not only a clear understanding of their business but eCommerce technology as well. For this, merchants can take help from a Shopify development company and include features to elevate sales.  With this article today we will take an in-depth look into the updates from Shopify. But before we dive into that, let’s take an in-depth look into how regular updates can help businesses.

Ways Updates can Help eStores to Enhance Sales

Updates are the necessary evil that paves way for enhanced customer experience. The inclusion of regular updates helps merchants in improving their UX and backend operations at the same time. 

However, when it comes to Shopify updates, at times doing it single-handedly can become very confusing. In such instances, assistance from Shopify development services can be a great aid. With the help of the latest updates from Shopify you can positively affect the following aspects of your business:

  • Security: The latest Shopify updates are always accompanied by security patches. So when you update your store, improved security is one of the basic perks that you enjoy. It helps you in keeping your data safe from the latest bugs and attacks. Further, helps your business in providing enhanced privacy as well.
  • UI/UX: Shopify’s 2021 updates mainly focuses on empowering users in providing better UX to their target users. With the recent boom in the number of stores, a unique UI/UX that leaves an everlasting impression is crucial. 
  • Faster Development: With each update, Shopify has introduced new developer tools for the platform. This has not only offered wider flexibility and sales but has also made the development process much faster. Hence, in the long run, constantly keeping up with the updates can reduce development costs. 
  • Management: Shopify update 2021 also has introduced many new backend tools. By upgrading your store you can access these features and use them for enhancing store management. This will result in a more streamlined business process and will help you focus on further expansion plans. 

Hence we can say that with the help of regular updates merchants can easily facilitate the development of their eStores. So strategically adapting to the latest updates is a must to ensure higher sales. 

Shopify Updates 2021 for eStore Owners

Now since we are aware of how crucial updates are let’s look at the new updates offered by the platform. These updates were announced in Unity 2021 Shopify Summit and are aimed to help you enhance your eStore features. With the right development strategy from Shopify development services along with proper store maintenance, your store can thrive using these features. 

Here’s a detailed list of some of the popular Shopify 2021 updates that you can integrate for improving conversions:

Improved UI/UX Customization Features

Easier store customization features can easily help your business in catering to UI/UX issues quickly. As you won’t have to call your hire Shopify development company for performing minute modifications. To facilitate this Shopify launched Online Store 2.0, which offers businesses the scope to independently enhance and manage their UI/UX. This included the following amazing customization features:

  • With the help of the Online store 2.0 platform, Shopify will release a plethora of unique eCommerce themes. These themes will come with customizable blocks and elements which will help you to take control over eStore aesthetics. To have these features in your already existing themes, you can update liquid files to JSON templates. This will allow easier UI/UX modifications with blocks. 
  • The online stores also made attaching meta fields to show product information much easier. As you can now directly edit meta fields from the admin panel itself. This also made sharing information such as size charts, care instructions, and precautions much easier. 
  • Shopify will also release its own highly customizable theme, Dawn. For merchants who expect high load speed and flexibility, it will be a perfect solution. Dawn can easily help your store perform at lightning-fast speed with its lightweight codebase. 

Improved Checkout Features for Higher Conversion

Conversion is one of the main focuses for online store owners. However, with limited options for users during the checkout phase, it might start looking like a far-fetched reality for some. But with Shopify’s latest updates, merchants can easily bid adieu to their conversion woes. Here are some of the latest features that can easily help you to enhance your business’s overall conversion:

  • With 2021 updates Shopify has introduced a new email marketing tool for its backend “Shopify Mail”. With the help of this tool, you can create engaging email marketing campaigns for increased retention and engagement. Further, it also provides metrics to help you understand your target audience. 
  • Buyers across the globe have a wide set of preferences when it comes to payments. However, providing customized payments to help merchants thrive online can be a costly affair. To help your business out of this dilemma, Shopify has also launched the Shopify Payments Platform. With its help, Hire Shopify Expert so you can easily integrate multiple payment gateways with ease. 
  • Also, with Shopify’s Shop Pay Installment you can win over your target users with a buy now and pay later alternative.  With the help of this feature, buyers can split their payments into four installments and zero interest rates.

Enhanced for Scalability

Scalability is important for merchants trying to cater to their growing business needs. With the latest release, Shopify has done changes in Storefront APIs to help developers unlock even more features. Further, it also can help you to work with no liquid custom codes as well. 

Moreover, with the new versions of Shopify, you can enhance your user’s in-store pickup experience as well. For this, you can assign pickup-only locations for in-store pickups. It will help you guide your customers better and avoid confusion. Further, the 2021 updates also offer plenty of B2B features. This makes scaling up B2B business with the aid of Shopify development company an easy and profitable experience as well.  

To Wrap Up on Shopify Updates

Regular updates can help your Shopify eStore in achieving higher profits and enhancing your brand image with ease. However, for successfully making the best out of these Shopify updates, understanding how it would help your business is crucial. As it will guide you and the Shopify development services to perform conversion-centric integrations. With the help of proper choice and use of features the latest Shopify updates can play a crucial role in overall business expansion. 

Hence, we can conclude that with the help of proper utilization of available updates from Shopify, businesses can scale up with ease and drive more conversions without any hassles.


I am a Shopify app developer, with more than 3+ years of professional experience in Shopify app development services at the leading app development company The Brihaspati Infotech – providing Woocommerce development in India, and Custom Shopify App.

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