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Should Buyers Consider Accepting One-year-old Home Inspection Report?

The seller wants to sell a home that was constructed six to eight years back. He has a home inspection report that was conducted around one year back. He presents the same report to the buyer, every time they come to visit the property.

Should buyers accept this report and enter into a deal for the price mentioned by the seller? Should the buyers reject this report and conduct a fresh home inspection?

This is a habit that has been circulating the property market for a long. Sellers keep producing the same report year after year for different buyers. Buyers should always look around for the best home inspector in Duval for conducting a fresh home inspection.

There are many reasons why buyers should only consider home inspection reports that have been conducted in recent times.

Property has its degrading tendency

With time, everything around us will degrade. There could be many reasons and weathering is one of the most common reasons. The walls, ceiling, and foundation will get affected by harsh weather conditions.

So there are chances that with time, the condition of the property has also degraded. If the property was healthier a year back, today it may not be.

Metal frames get corroded with time

Any property makes use of metal frames and beams in the foundation. The metal beams are hidden inside the concrete layer and are not easily visible from the outside. A professional home inspector will be able to tell if the metal frame is corroded or not.

With time, moisture can rust the iron beam. The foundation of the home gets affected. So, a home inspection should be conducted fresh by buyers just before making the purchase.

Molds and dampness could affect every year

Moisture is never a good element for homes it can affect the walls and ceiling. In a few cases, the damage might be deep-seated and not easily visible. Conducting home inspection fresh is the best option. There are chances that last year the moisture had not affected the walls.

But there is no guarantee that this year it might not have affected as well. So buyers should always conduct a fresh home inspection before purchase.

Utilities get degraded with the use

Homes that have utilities like cooling or heating units often use them on daily basis. if the utilities keep function for a year they degrade in their life expectancy. You as a buyer should never invest in homes that need utility replacement, the moment you move in.

Sellers have to cover this cost. You may not be aware of the inspection report has not been generated in real-time. So as a buyer, you should never accept old home inspection reports from the sellers. You have a better option.

You can hire the best home inspection team and request for fresh inspection. Both the reports can be compared for studying the rate of damage.

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