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Signs of Healthy Hair: How do you get genuinely healthy hair?

Sometimes your hair may look and feel unhealthy. This may send you to frantic fear you may lose your hair sooner. You can even rush to Beverly Hills hair restoration for healthy hair tips. However, that may be unnecessary if you know the signs of healthy hair.

There are some tips you should have to keep your hair healthy. They are necessary since they will keep you stress-free. Sometimes, they lead to general body health. Here’s what you should check out to assess the health of your hair. 


The outer hair has cuticles. When the hair is healthy, the cuticles close, displaying a shiny appearance. Thus, you can quickly identify healthy hair by how shiny it looks. 

Closed cuticles help the natural oils spread evenly through the hair strands. It also helps to keep and protect the hair proteins. It shields the hair from drying. Hence it experiences less breakage. 

Tangle Free

As we have seen above, healthy hair has sealed cuticles. Thus, the hair strands slip on each other. Bit when the hair starts to wear out, it will form some split ends. The hair will keep splitting and form tangles and knots. The hair becomes unmanageable. Tangles are a sign of unhealthy hair, and you need to take action as soon as possible. 

The Hair Keeps Growing

Healthy hair will keep on growing; Each person has a different hair growth rate depending on their genes. You can keep a length check alert for two months to monitor growth. Even the slightest change in length is an indication that your hair is healthy. 

The slowest hair growth rate is a quarter an inch per month. Thus, the slowest hair will grow one inch every four months. Some have a fast rate of up to half an inch a month.

Healthy Ends

The first place you should use to assess the health of your hair is the ends. They are the first points to suffer hair damage. Unhealthy hair develops splits and knots at the end. 

The Hair Porosity

Porous hair will absorb water and keep it. It shows that the cuticles are open, and water is penetrating the hair strands. You can do a test to check your hair porosity.

Take a hair strand and place it in a glass or bowl of water. If the hair floats, your hair is healthy. If the hair sinks, it indicates that the hair is porous. You can notice this by how your hair retains water when you pour water on it. 

Smooth and Soft to Touch

Although your hair should repel water, it should retain some moisture to avoid dryness. Thus, healthy hair will feel soft and smooth to touch. The feel is a result of the closed cuticle, moisturized, and tangle-free fair. Run your fingers through the hair strands to feel it to the end. 

Hair Feels Great After a Modest Cut

Split ends can make your hair feel brittle. You can get the wrong impression that your hair is unhealthy. Thus, you may visit Beverly Hills hair transplant clinic in a rush. But that may be the wrong place to visit. Before you start planning on hair transplant costs and other hair remedies, you should see a barber. Let them trim your ends and observe the outcome. You’d be surprised how your hair feels great after a modest haircut. 

Minimal Shedding

You shed a few hair strands daily. You will notice that if you wear your hair open most of the days. You will see a few hair strands on your comb or hairbrush. However, there’s a problem if you experience massive shedding with each brushing session. 

You should also check out the number of strands you lose after a hair wash. Also, check the hair on your beddings every morning. Studies show that it’s normal to lose up to 80 strands every day. 

Dandruff-Free Scalp

Hair thrives well on a clean and healthy scalp. But dandruff indicates that your scalp is straining. It could be a sign that your hair has no access to natural oils. Thus, your hair has weakened and needs an immediate remedy. Get rid of dandruff to retain the health of your hair. 


Natural hair should snap back to its original state after it is stretched. That is the hair elasticity of hair. The hair has optimum elasticity when it is healthy. It shows that the bonds holding the hair proteins are strong. Also, the hair is well moisturized and has no weak spots within the strands. 

Moves Freely

Healthy hair bounces around when let free. It is also easy to swing by the wind. The way your hair responds to shaking is an added tip you should use to check your hair health. The growth rate and length may not indicate the optimum health of hair strands. 

Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Beverly Hills hair transplant would wish any patient to save money. They offer healthy hair tips, so you don’t use your money on hair transplant costs. Below are some tips you should use to keep your hair and scalp healthy. 


It would help if you washed your hair according to your hair type. However, be keen on the shampoo and conditioner you use. If you wash your hair often, you should use milder shampoos. Also, consider the shampoos that have natural oils and moisturizing ingredients. People with fuller hair and stretched-out hair wash routines can use stronger shampoos. However, it’d be best if you were keen on the ingredient list. Natural shampoos are the best for any hair. Also, do a protein treatment at least once a month. You can use moisturizing conditioners on the other wash days. 


Hair trimming gets rid of split ends. It ensures you keep healthy hair from the root to the ends. Also, there’s no other remedy for split ends and knots. 

Hairstyling and treatments can lead to split ends. If you leave the ends split, it will extend towards the hair root. It leads to more damage and knotting to the hair. Thus, have routine trimming to reduce hair damage. 

Reduce Heat Treatment

Heat weakens the hair strands. It happens when the hair proteins break down. You can protect your hair by reducing or cutting off heat treatment. Also, use a blow-dry primer once you need to blow out your hair. 

Don’t wash your hair with very hot water. Use warm water. Sometimes, you can have a cold rinse to close your hair cuticles. In the end, you’ll have lustrous hair.  

Minimize Coloring sessions

Various people have colored hair. They recolor the hair constantly to maintain uniform hair color. However, the practice may lead to hair damage. Some hair dyes have a bleaching agent that weakens the hair strands. Consistent coloring weakens the hair strands. 

Use high-quality hair colors so that they do not fade quickly. They will allow you to space out your hair coloring appointments. 

Take a Healthy Diet

The greatest hair care tip you will get at Beverly Hills hair transplant clinic is taking a healthy diet. Take foods rich in protein and vitamins. Green leafy vegetables have minerals and vitamins you need for hair growth.

Take plenty of seasonal fruits. They are best at nourishing your skin, hair, and nails. You will also keep your body healthy in the process. Also, keep yourself hydrated. 


Beverly Hills hair restoration centers have rich information on how you can keep your hair healthy. They will also give you tips to keep your hair healthy. The tips above will help you evade the hair transplant cost. Your hair will flourish for a long time, keeping hair loss at bay. 

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