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Signs That You Need to Go for Mercedes Brakes and Repair

Mercedes, the German global auto giant brand is best known for its luxury vehicles. Wearing a crown of a Mercedes owner means a lot of responsibility for taking good care of the vehicle. After all, it is machinery and is likely to wear and tear with age. One needs to take good care of both brake pads and brake rotors. While the brake pads can be repacked periodically, the brake rotors need a more serious repair or replacement as and when needed. You need to be aware as to when your brakes are giving trouble and when you should go for Mercedes brakes and repair.

The Advanced Mercedes-Benz Brake Systems

The advanced brake systems of Mercedes save lives and has remained true to the promise delivered by the German automaker. The first mass-production Mercedes car offered a four-wheel, multi-channel, antilock-breaking system way back in 1978. Today, the Mercedes brake systems are considered one of the best in the world today and feature separate models with the shortest braking distances. The dynamism and the vitality of this car require an immersive powerful brake system.

The Mercedes-Benz Brake Assist System or the BAS is an electronic system and very advanced as it is known to lower breaking distances significantly. The technology employs a collection of radar scans and stereo cameras that’s can the road and help to detect any dangerous situations. The vehicle runs on the full braking process in case the BAS is not responding appropriately. Therefore, consider a regular and proper inspection of the Mercedes-Benz Brake System to keep the brakes in good working condition. The service is not cheap for sure, but the investment is worth the safety and the purring of your healthy Mercedes.

Mercedes Service Melbourne
Mercedes Service Melbourne

Diagnose Mercedes Brake System

One should inspect the brake system in their Mercedes now and then and look for some signs that let you know if the brakes are not in good working order. An easy way is just to apply the brakes and when the car stops completely, just let go of the brake and build the speed. Just pay attention to your hands and foot when you press the brake pedal and look for some signs.

  • Shaking – If the car shakes every time you brake, it means that there is something wrong with the brake rotors. It could be that they are getting twisted or warped and the rotors are not getting good contact with the brake pads, and this is what is causing the unusual vibrating.  It is time to go for Mercedes brakes and repair.
  • Noisy Brakes – Any squeaking sound could again be a sign of bad brake pads and rotors. Worn out rotors are likely to make a squealing sound and probably you need to replace the brake pads. However, let the Mercedes brakes and repair specialist inspect the rotors too.
  • Marks on the Rotors – When you see signs of grooves and marks on the rotors, it is time that rooms need to be replaced. Just rotate the steering wheel to get a better look at the Rotors that are placed right behind the wheels. The rotors are a disc-like object that rotates when you drive. A good rotor should look smooth and unmarked.
  • Thin Rotors – With usage and time, the rotors tend to wear out and may become too thin. Just measure their thickness and ensure that it is within the range of the minimum thickness according to the manufacturer. That would give you a good idea if the Rotors have become too thin and need to be replaced.

Thus, if you see any of the above signs, it means that you need to go for Mercedes brakes and repair. The brakes need an inspection if you see some signs like a screeching sound, or the need to apply more pressure to the brake pedal. Let the Mercedes brakes and repair specialists and technicians ensure that the brake pads and rotors remain in good condition as per the Mercedes brand.


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