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Sills of Buying Wholesale Baby Shoes at the Toddler Stage

The first step for a baby to explore the world is very important, and a good pair of toddler shoes not only make it easier for her/him to learn to walk, but also has a very important meaning for protecting immature little feet. Therefore, in order for babies to better enter this wonderful world, mothers should learn how to buy a pair of good toddler shoes for their babies. Combining our experience in wholesale baby shoes, let us tell you how to buy Wholesale baby shoes!

You can always go with popular brands like Jack & Lily My Kicks. There are many types of toddler shoes, and babies at different stages need to cooperate with toddler shoes with different functions, so how to choose the right toddler shoes for your baby?

First, understand the baby’s feet:

          1. The fat layer on the soles of the feet is relatively thick

            Because the fat layer on the soles of babies’ feet is very thick, the arches of the soles of the feet are not yet fully developed and cannot fully absorb shocks. Therefore, the baby always shakes when walking, and the center of gravity cannot be as stable as an adult.

          2. Sweat easily

            In addition to the thick layer of fat on the soles of the feet, babies also sweat badly because of their rapid metabolism.

          When you buy baby toddler shoes, it is recommended that you learn about the baby’s feet before buying them. Secondly, when choosing baby shoes, you can choose according to the following aspects:

            1. Sole aspect

                • Only learning to walk:

                  When the baby is only learning to walk and is unstable, soft-soled toddler shoes should be chosen for the baby. This will help the baby feel the coordination needed to walk while learning to walk. The sense of balance can also effectively promote the nerve development of the baby’s feet, so that the baby can adapt to walk faster. At this time, the baby will always be used to walking with a whole foot like a duck. Parents need to be patient to teach their children to use their heels when walking first, and then to walk with their toes. If the front of the shoe is soft and bendable, the baby’s steps will be smoother.

                  When buying shoes, you can break off the front of the shoes with your hands to check whether the softness is moderate. For example, the above soft-soled bed shoes are very suitable for babies who are just learning to walk, and the soles are very soft, so there is no need to worry about hurting children. The recommended season is spring or autumn.

                • Stable walking stage:

                  When the baby reaches 18 months, the walking is relatively stable, and the soles of the chosen toddler shoes may be relatively hard. If you also choose toddler shoes with too soft soles, the outer side of the foot socket will touch the ground when the baby walks and steps on it, which will affect the growth of the longitudinal arch on the outer side of the foot. At the same time, the soft sole is very thin, has no shock absorption effect, and has a great vibration to the heel bone, which is easy to cause ankle joint injury. In addition, there should be a non-slip texture and flat strips on the bottom surface to prevent the baby from slipping while walking.

            2. The choice of the toe cap

              In the days when the baby is a toddler, the toes are in an open position, and the toe must be wide and fat, so that the baby’s toes can be fully extended, so as to prevent the toes from squeezing each other in the shoes and affecting development. Good toddler shoes have uniform stitches, appropriate width and narrow toe, which avoids collision between the inner surface of the shoe and the toe. If it is too soft, it will increase the friction between the inner surface of the shoe and the toe, which will damage the baby’s skin.

            3. The breathability of the shoes

              Many parents think that as long as you choose toddler shoes with good breathability in summer, you only need to keep warm in winter. In fact, winter shoes are most in need of ventilation. The sweat produced by the baby’s exercise needs to be discharged. If it is not ventilated, the skin of the baby’s feet will be soaked in sweat, which may cause frostbite or ulceration over time. Therefore, choose toddler shoes that are well ventilated and easy to drain sweat for your baby.

              For example, the PU spliced color shoes in the picture above are relatively good in terms of air permeability. The small holes on the vamp are designed for the breathability of the shoe. Wearing these shoes will no longer need to worry that the shoes will hurt your baby’s feet.

            4. Shoe buckle aspect

              It is best to use a buckle for shoes, usually called Velcro. The Velcro shoelace design can adjust the size of the instep of the shoe more freely according to the width of the baby’s sole and the thickness of the instep, so as to better fit the baby’s foot. At the same time, it also prevents the baby from falling down due to loose or long shoelaces. The convenient Velcro also greatly shortens the time for the baby to put on and take off the shoes, reduces the baby’s irritability, and can also train the baby to wear shoes by himself.

              The above is a synthesis of our experience in wholesale baby shoes, summarizing the aspects that should be considered when buying baby toddler shoes. You can choose toddler shoes for your children based on the above sharing. Choosing shoes for your baby is no easy task. Choosing shoes for babies and toddlers is actually choosing health. Therefore, choosing toddler shoes is actually very important. If you do not choose toddler shoes, it will affect the child’s walking posture, leg shape and arch development.

            We can assure you of the quality of our wholesale baby shoes, and we will never sell low-quality shoes. Therefore, you can browse the products on our website with confidence. In addition to the styles recommended above, we have many other styles waiting for your patronage.

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