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Six Excellent Reasons to Use a Lumbar Pillow at Night

Six Excellent Reasons to Use a Lumbar Pillow at Night

About 32.5% of American adults sleep less than 7 hours every night. Whether you’re suffering from sore muscles or arthritis, you need to find ways to alleviate pain without relying on medications to reduce it or to make you fall asleep.

If your nighttime has been disrupted countless times, changing your pillows may help you learn how to sleep well and not feel sore in the morning. Lumbar cushions are the perfect solution to address these sleeping issues. But what are the benefits of getting a back pillow, anyway?

Read on to explore the six key reasons for using a lumbar pillow for a great night’s sleep!

1. Provides Back Support

A lumbar pillow is a great way to support your back at night. It can help to alleviate pain and prevent further injury. Placing a pillow under your knees can reduce the pressure on your lower back and improve your sleeping posture. This can lead to a better night’s sleep and reduced back pain.

2. Enhances Your Posture

It can help keep your spine in alignment and prevent slouching. It can lead to less pain in the morning and improved overall posture.

Additionally, using lumbar pillows aids in a speedy recovery from extensive treatments for lower back pain, such as operations or chiropractor sessions.

3. Improves Blood Circulation

A lumbar pillow perfectly aligns your head, neck, and shoulders when you sleep on your back. It allows blood to flow throughout your body and prevents it from pooling in your lower back. The back pillow provides the perfect support for your lower back, which keeps your spine in alignment and helps improve blood circulation.

4. Lumbar Pillows are Portable

When it comes to finding a comfortable sleeping position, lumbar pillows can be a game-changer. Not only do they provide support for your lower back, but they are also incredible portable pillows for better sleep anywhere. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you can take your lumbar pillow.

5. Lumbar Pillows are Affordable

You don’t have to spend much money to get a pillow that will provide you with the necessary support for your back. Lumbar cushion prices may differ depending on the materials used. But the average cost ranges between $20 to $30.

6. Improves Productivity

When you sleep, your body goes through a natural healing and regeneration process. It means your muscles, joints, and tissues all repair themselves while you sleep. If you don’t have a good night’s sleep, your body doesn’t have the time to repair itself.

A lumbar pillow can help you get the restful sleep you need so your body can heal. It can lead to improved productivity during the day.

Get the Sleep You Deserve With a Lumbar Pillow

If you suffer from lower back pain to the point it disrupts your sleep, a lumbar pillow can help to alleviate some of the discomfort. Getting good pillows for posture helps maintain the natural curve of your spine. Moreover, it can help to reduce stiffness and pain in the morning.

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