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Smart Home Ideas: How to Wall Mount a Tablet

Smart Home Ideas: How to Wall Mount a Tablet

Are you one of the 50% of Americans who owns a tablet? If so, you may be looking for smart home ideas to make it more accessible and useful. That’s where a wall mounted tablet can come in handy.

Read on to discover how to wall mount a tablet!

Use Strong Adhesive for a Tablet Wall Mount

When you’re making a tablet wall mount, you want it to be secure. That’s where adhesive can come to the rescue. For a quick way to secure a lightweight and small tablet, go with high-strength adhesive.

Follow the instructions to attach adhesive patches to the four corners of your tablet. And then do the same on the wall where you’ll attach it.

A Plate Rack Can Make Smart Home Ideas Come Alive

Wondering how to make a tablet wall mounted? Consider going with an item more often associated with traditional displays. Plate hangars, which can show off your favorite vintage dinnerware, also can be a secure tablet wall mount.

They’re not expensive, either. Take your tablet with you when shopping or be sure to measure it before ordering. You don’t want to damage your tablet by squeezing it between clamps or edges.

Because these cheap devices normally are used to secure porcelain plates, you can trust that a slim tablet will be safe. Once attached, start programming your tablet to handle anything from your music playlist to thermostat needs.

Add a charging cable or docking station nearby for easy charging. And click here to find the smart home ideas you need!

Build a Frame for Your Tablet

For an aesthetically pleasing solution, build a frame that can become a tablet wall mount. You’ll need to be comfortable cutting and nailing wood, but the result can be worth it. And you can use scrap wood from a craft or hardware store.

Carefully measure the outside edge of your tablet and map out your wood pieces to ensure that you don’t undersize the frame. And include a backing piece in addition to the four pieces of the frame.

Cut and sand the wood pieces. Ideally, you’ll use nails to attach the pieces together. Then place a sawtooth hanger on the back of the frame and customize it with paint, stains, or other decorative trinkets!

Go with a Shelf for an Easy Solution

Floating shelves — or most types of shelves, for that matter — offer another easy solution. And it’s one that won’t take a toll on your budget. Simple shelves will allow you to embed your smart device with the rest of your decorations.

Place the shelf in a kitchen or high-traffic area, and place some framed photos on either side. You won’t have to call attention to your smart device. And if you choose a shelf with a lip, you won’t have to worry that your tablet slides off.

Pursue These Smart Home Ideas

If you’re looking to expand your smart home ideas, start by making your tablet easier to access. A wall mount tablet using a standard shelf means anyone can grab it and program it. Adhesive, frames, and plate racks also offer viable solutions.

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