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Our eating habits have changed drastically over the years. From healthy green vegetables to leftover junk, we have come a long way, constantly compromising our health in the name of less time and insufficient money. Over the years, we have forgotten about the importance of health, both mental and physical. Our ignorance and forgetfulness have cost us a lot, not only financially but also socially, emotionally, and psychologically.

A few healthy habits were always used to be followed by our ancestors, and these habits reaped a lot of benefits. These habits reaped a long, healthy, and peaceful life. If we were to see beauty and elegance, there is no competition that we can give to when our ancestors lived, and this has been proved. This is because; their way of living was different from ours.

Our houses have become packed and dull now. We don’t have the time to eat healthily, keep a healthy schedule, and breathe healthily. One can be mentally healthy when he/she breathes fresh and garden alike. Gardening used to be known as etiquette that people used to teach their children. Now, gardening is almost forgotten. We pay gardeners to maintain our garden if we have one and that it is quite a big, giant if.

Why gardens?

Gardens as in, flora and fauna play a crucial role in our lives. The other alternative that we can rely on is fragrances like the Elizabeth ardent green tea cucumber because of the lack of time. If you have a garden somewhere nearby your office or house, then that means that you are going to breathe healthily. Breathing and eating healthy is the solution to almost all mental and physical problems. Breathing and eating healthy promotes a healthy, sufficiently fulfilling life resulting in extending your lifeline.

As people do not have the time to grow gardens around their houses, the other alternative is to carry one and become one themselves. Imagine this, you have entered your office, and it’s almost noon since you have been working. Suddenly, you smell some odd odor. You look around, and you see the garbage bin being emptied right in front of your office. It gets so frustrating as the smell is really bad. Now, you cannot grow a garden right away at that very moment, can you?

What is the alternative solution?

The alternative is that you become one garden instead. The solution is short- a term, of course, but it has its own benefits. Perfumes like the Elizabeth ardent green tea cucumber help you smell like a garden. Their smell is usually strong and can be smelt from a few feet away. That helps in refreshing up not just the environment but yourself as well. The kind of ingredients that these kinds of perfumes are made up of has proven to be advantageous to our mental health. People carry such perfumes to boost up their confidence. They are known to be simply magical.

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