Some Cool Hacks to Help Maintain a Rare Car

If you are a rare or classic car owner, you probably would be concerned about the condition of your prized automobile. You would want to continue going around for drives on the beautiful car across the town and make heads turn as you would have done for long. Isn’t it? 

But in order to continue that, you need to take proper care of it. Let us discuss a few ways of making your rare car stick around longer.  

Proper Cleaning

Washing your car after fixed periods is a no brainer. Washing followed by the waxing of the exterior surfaces of the car will protect it from rust and other ill effects such as the ones induced by dust. The exterior surfaces will give a shiny and pleasant look. Vintage cars get sold for hefty sums at scrap shops for their rarity. Cash for cars in Ipswich is quite fair 

Exterior cleaning is not enough

Interior cleaning with air pumps or vacuum cleaners is recommended. It should be made sure that when the car is not in use, bread crumbs, fruit slices, or other food materials accidentally dropped in the car are removed. The polishable parts on the insides should be polished neatly.

Intelligent Storage

One can assume that a rare car is something you will need to store for longer periods. As such, try to store it in a well-ventilated area but away from sunlight. Preferably, it should be stored in a garage which is ventilated and is away from direct sunlight. Exhaust fans could be installed in the garage to ensure ventilation. The window panes should be lowered just that little bit and kept in that condition. Do not keep the window panes open to the extent that rats or insects are able to get inside. In this way, one can avoid the development of foul smell inside the vehicle.

If a garage is not available, the car should be covered with a proper covering that does not allow water and sunlight to cause adverse effects on your car exteriors. But the covers should be removed at regular points to ensure air circulation.

Take care of the batteries

This is one important part which leads to the breaking down of old rare cars. An ideal way to avoid the discharge of batteries when the car is not in regular use is to start the car and allow the engine to run for ten minutes every week. Also, one can disconnect the batteries when not in use and get them charged inside the house in a conventional manner with the help of electricity. This avoids the battery from getting discharged.

Check-Ups by a Professional

Even if you know much about your rare car, it is always a good idea to get the car checked by a professional mechanic every few months. The mechanic might be able to detect any imminent problem and fix that in time. 

Regular Use

Do not keep the car just as a decorative item. It will eventually be of no use and break down if you do not drive it around for at least a couple of days in a month.

The checklist will help you in ensuring that your car stays in good shape and is passenger safe at the same time. 

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