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Some hacks to recover lost video files using Recoverit


Have you accidentally lost or deleted the video files you have stored on your device? The first step is to recover the recycle bin files. If you are unable to retrieve the videos that were deleted in the recycling bin, then you will require robust data recovery software to help you out. However, be sure not to move any data files into the recycle bin, or else it could cause the video you lost to be overwritten. Next, we will discuss the most effective video recovery software that can assist you in recovering videos that have been permanently deleted from the computer.

To repair damaged videos, you can use various methods you can opt for. For example, it is possible to use conventional techniques for rerunning videos in various formats or explore a bit out of the box and employ some video repair tools to repair damaged video files. Many different tools for fixing video are accessible on marketplaces and are reputed to be extremely helpful in helping restore video files that have been damaged. Some details on this subject are provided below.

Common causes of video loss

The excitement of regaining an old video will only last when the video becomes damaged. Unfortunately, most software for data recovery does not perform an excellent job in recovering videos. There are many reasons that video files are not playing the following recovery properly. The most prevalent reason is an error in applying file-carving techniques by the recovery software. In these instances, some elements are mistakenly removed or added to the recovered file. Other reasons include.

  • A broken header
  • The Internet connection is unstable, or the power supply when the video file is downloaded. the video files
  • Erroneous read or write system operations
  • Compression issues

But with the help of recent technological advances, there are several easy solutions.

Different methods to recover lost video files

The most well popular methods for restoring deleted videos or approaching recovering deleted images on Windows without the need for software. The steps listed in order below will help you follow the steps.

  • Check Your Recycle Bin: When videos or pictures are deleted from Windows, however, they are not erased from your PC permanently and are instead moved into the Recycle Bin on your Desktop, where it is stored for a brief time to facilitate recovery. The steps below should be followed to retrieve deleted videos or images into the Windows Recycle Bin. First, double-click on your Recycle Bin icon on Windows on your Desktop. Next, select the photos or videos you wish to restore. Finally, right-click them and choose “Restore”. The photos and videos will be restored to their original locations. You will then have access to previously deleted images or videos.
  • Check Your File History/Backup: Once you have made sure that the Recycle Bin is verified, the next thing to be considered is File History/Backup in Windows, which is designed to continually backup files that are in your Libraries as well as in your Desktop, your Favorites folders, as well as the Contacts and Contacts folders.

How do I recover lost video files with Recoverit?

Install and download Recoverit Video Recovery Software on your PC and follow the following steps to recover your deleted or lost videos. First, start the lost-video recovery program, then select your recycling bin to begin.

Recoverit software will begin scanning the area to search for your video files that have been lost. It can take several, about 15 minutes.


Once the scanner is completed, you will review all the recovered videos and previews. Choose the video files you want to view and click on the “Recover” button to download them to secure devices.

Recoverit has an advanced scan and recovery mode for you if you are searching for deleted or lost videos. It is “Advanced Video Recovery”, which is situated at the bottom left corner of the interface. Just click it to conduct an extensive scan for large videos.

Just wait for a few minutes since you wait for the Deep Scan to take more time to combine and connect the video fragments to retrieve them.

The application will show you the result of Advanced Video Recovery and will allow you to see them in a preview. You can search for specific videos and view them in the Recoverit interface. Choose the videos you would like to save and click the “Recover” icon.

This will save your recover files in your system. Above discussed software also delivers features about how to make video clearer.

Tips to avoid video loss

The following are some tips that will help to avoid loss of video files

  • Don’t save the retrieved documents on the original card and instead choose a different place, like a hard drive.
  • If you discover that the files you have recovered are corrupted, it is recommended to seek professional solutions for damaged video file repairs.
  • Make sure you regularly backup your important files to your memory cards to different storage devices in case of a memory card failure.
  • Lost or accidentally deleted videos? It is recommended to download an extremely robust Recoverit File Recovery software to aid you.


It is advised to always keep all your important files backup to prevent needing to erase them on the system’s reboot. It’s not the best feeling to be forced to delete the precious files you have saved while rebooting your computer, even though it could be one of the most effective ways to get rid of malware from your computer.


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