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Spain – The Country that Dictates Exuberance out of Gorgeous Tourist Destinations

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries globally, as lavish as the entire European continent on which it is built. This intriguing European land shares a common border with France and a few Portuguese areas, and it enjoys a strategic location in South West Europe by getting cheap flights to Europe.

Why Can Spain be Your Living Abode?

Spanish regions are a living habitation tucked away deep within, where the physical and metaphysical worlds collide. The country is diversified, and it connotes various things that travelers would like to partake in without making a phone call. The semi-arid climatic type dominates in the South East, whilst the Mediterranean climate prevails in the South and South West of the Spanish lands. You can book your flights with Aeromexico beforehand. Because even if you get in some trouble and cannot travel, you can cancel your bookings as per Aeromexico Cancellation Policy.

Places Not to be Missed in Spain


First is Ronda and it is a lovely city in Malaga, Spain, that is well-known for its stunning beauty. The location is perched on the edge of a cliff. People remember the place for providing breathtaking views of the surrounding area. If you enjoy visiting the remains of bygone eras and are a nature lover, Ronda is a must-see on your next trip to Spain. This is one of the most popular cities in Spain.

Galera, Spain

Galera is another fascinating location to see during your holiday in Spain. In addition, the restaurant is well-known for three things: inexpensive tapas, friendly and amusing residents, and flamenco. You can also go on a cruise and have the ultimate beach holiday here.


Don’t miss the magnificent white town of Cadaques, which is located on the Mediterranean Sea’s bay. This is one of the most popular cities in Spain. The location is close to Barcelona, and you can get there via public transportation. Cadaques’ beauty has inspired many painters, including Salvador Dali.


Bilbao’s modern architecture stands out in stark contrast to that of other Spanish cities. The Guggenheim Museum, a massive titanium tower that houses some magnificent contemporary art, is the city’s claim to fame. While you’re in Bilbao, don’t forget to order a dish of pintxos to accompany your drink. It is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia, said to be the origin of paella, masterfully blends modernity and tradition. The futuristic City of Arts and Sciences is the structure that attracts the most visitors. There are numerous sports places across the city that are idyllically surrounded by trees and flora. The beach is, of course, a bonus. This is one of the most visited cities in Spain.


Another lovely city is Huesca and it is a city in the province of Aragon, near the Pyrenees. This city is recognized for its musical activities and its regular dosage of historic cathedrals and castles. El 21 is regarded as one of the top concert venues in the country. Don’t forget to try the Pollo al Chilindron (pepper and chicken dish) and the Somontano wines while you’re there. The Fiesta Mayor is another vibrant celebration to keep an eye out for. This is one of Spain’s most fascinating cities.

Jerez De La Frontera, Spain

Do you want to be a Spaniard? You may make a beeline towards Jerez. It’s a charming 3000-year-old town with cobblestone streets, various old castles and ruins, medieval churches, and numerous wine cellars to sample the region’s winemaking tradition. If you like horses, don’t miss the annual Feria del Caballo, which has been going on for 500 years (the Horse Fair).

Logrono, Spain

This picturesque Spanish city has long been a pilgrimage stopover on the way to St James’ tomb at Santiago de Compostela, and it is undoubtedly one of Spain’s must-see cities. It’s known for its exquisite Spanish cuisine (which may be experienced on the Tapas tasting streets) and the world-famous Rioja wine.

Santillana Del Mar

If you’re wondering what the three falsehoods are, it’s not a Saint (Santo), it’s not flat (llana), and it’s not near the sea (Mar), as its name suggests. It is, however, one of Spain’s most beautiful and greatest cities to visit. The top attractions of this place are the Cave of Altamira, National Museum and Research Center of Altamira, Santillana Zoo.


Burgos, on the banks of the rivers Arlanza and Duero, is a historical joy. Therefore, this is one of Spain’s best places to visit. Burgos Cathedral is a stunning structure that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. People also know the place for its blood sausages.


This coastal city, where Pablo Picasso was born, is a beautiful spot to unwind. It boasts a thriving bohemian culture, with the SOHO sector as its epicenter. Malaga also contains a number of historic fortresses and churches, including the Alcazaba and the Baroque Cathedral.


Furthermore, the exciting and adrenaline-filled San Fermin, or running with the event of the bull, is the main reason for Pamplona’s fame. Pamplona also has old medieval churches, the Navarra Museum, which houses fine Roman artifacts, and Renaissance artworks. All of these have some lovely parks.


Next is Seville, the capital of Andalusia, is the next most attractive city in Spain. The Reales Alcázares mansion, the Cathedral (which houses the relics of Christopher Columbus), and the General Archive of the Indies are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A rush of colors and the scent of orange blossoms might shock your senses in this lively metropolis. This is one of Spain’s most important cities.


People remember Consuegra for its miles of windmills set against the lovely Spanish skies. Apart from the well-preserved windmills, there is an old castle nearby to explore. Visitors know Consuegra for saffron, and during the Saffron Festival in October, visitors may see the brightly lit windmills.


Finally, Cuenca is also known as the Eagle’s Nest since it is the site of Spain’s earliest Gothic Cathedral. Apart from its historical value, the remarkable “hanging houses” (Casas colgadas) situated precariously on rocks above the Huecar river canyon give this walled city its individuality.

Get some Information about Macau

Macau is a tiny piece of Portugal smack dab in the middle of the Far East. It’s hard to believe that it is only 60 kilometers from Hong Kong’s urban jungle. The place has well-preserved colonial architecture and cobblestone alleys and is just waiting to be discovered. 

Take a breath of fresh air through the bustling streets up to the cathedral ruins. Furthermore,  you’ll notice the city’s rich history all around you. It’s no surprise that Macau’s historic center has been designated as one of China’s most important World Heritage Sites.

Ruins of St. Paul’s

The magnificent Renaissance façade, a Macau landmark situated at the head of a large flight of granite steps, is all that remains of St. Paul’s Cathedral, formerly considered the best Christian architecture in the Far East. After the first church was destroyed by fire in 1601, a new one was built in 1637. The new one was styled after the church of the Gesù in Rome and produced by Christians expelled from Japan.

In 1835, the church was destroyed by a storm and fire, but the remaining façade still bears witness to the cathedral’s previous magnificence. An engraving upon the doorway dedicates the holy place to the Mother of God, statues of Jesuit saints, and a plethora of relief embellishments are notable characteristics.

If you only have one day to explore, a guided tour is a good option. On a Macau City Sightseeing Tour, you can see the St. Paul’s Ruins, A-Ma Temple, and many more notable Macau attractions.

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