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Staircase Ideas For Smaller Spaces

Most people often ignore the small spaces in their homes. Staircases can easily be overseen, but a well-suited staircase can help you make the best out of your space and change the entire look of your house. Thus, choosing your staircase design wisely is crucial when redeveloping or designing your home. 

Staircases are much more than just mediums to access other floors. In a small home, every inch of space is prime real estate, and it is important to make the best out of it. Feel free to contact the Executive Building Group to help you incorporate the best staircase designs suited for your requirements and the distinct theme of your house. Nonetheless, here are a couple of staircase ideas to enhance the feel and appeal of your small space. 

Spiral Staircase:

This is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most practical staircase designs that help you get the most out of your space. In addition, this creates an enhanced focal point in your home, giving it a whole different level of appeal. Spiral staircases go well with almost all home decors and add to the pleasing aesthetics of the entire house.

Hanging Staircase:

This unique staircase design is not very popularized yet. They do not require much space to be constructed and take up little to no floor space. In addition, these staircases are usually suspended from the ceiling with the help of strong metal frames and can fit in any narrow space in your house.

A Combination Of Metal And Glass:

This consists of metal frames, including a railing and glass stairs. It gives out the appeal of invisible stairs, giving a sense of spaciousness. Professionals like duplex builders Newcastle can help you choose from a number of different designs to incorporate into your homes. 

Cubic Staircase:

Cubic staircases make the best of your space as it does not require any ground space but are rather supported by a metallic structure extending from the walls beside the staircase. They give you the liberty to choose from different materials to build the staircase.

Multi-Functional Staircase:

It is best to implement a multi-functional staircase that serves as a storage space for your belongings with a small space. This design solves the issue of the space under the stairs being unutilized in the case of conventional staircases.

Open Stairs:

Open stairs are very popular among modern home enthusiasts. They just consist of a flight of platforms built between two walls or a narrow passageway. The risers between the stairs being absent create a sense of spaciousness even in an enclosed or restricted setting.

Final Thoughts

Staircases are an indispensable part of any multi-storeyed house. They don’t just act as passageways but also create a focal point among your home’s design elements. Staircases must be chosen wisely to create a sense of the interrupted flow of your design elements throughout the floors it is connecting. Executive Building Group can help you choose and build the right staircase for your home at affordable prices.

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