Step By Step Guide of Services Offered by Moving Company

Moving to or from Bhopal? There are many situations in which you find the moving process to be too challenging to handle on your own from packing everything to loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and then rearranging. Moving home can never be easy until you decide to make the process easy by hiring packers and movers in Bhopal.

The only way to get 100% guarantee of your belongings at the time of move is to go for their full service move in which you can sit back and relax without worrying about your valuable possessions.

You must be thinking what a full service move would have been. Here is the list of services provided by full service movers.

It is important to know that when you choose a full-service move, the company offers you a complete package of moving services. Here are the advantages you get when you choose to go for the mover who offer you complete set of services.

• Peace of mind – you don’t have to take any stress of your belongings as they guarantee you about everything in advance.

• Reduces stress – moving is energy draining and a stressful task. When you leave everything on movers then you are free from the stress of packing and moving and you can provide all your time to other important tasks.

• Saves you time – you get enough time to complete all the paper work

In-Home Inspection

The first and the foremost thing offered by full-service movers is the visual inspection of the place you want to move from. They do this to provide you with the accurate estimate of price.

During the inspection they take a look at the rooms of your house, the household items you want to move and the difficulty level of packing and moving things from the narrow corridors, doorways and staircase.

In home survey is the only way to get the moving cost estimate but at the time of pandemic, moving organizations are doing video surveys to follow the norm of social distancing.


The next service provided by the full service movers after giving you the estimated cost is packing of your valuable possessions.

Every household item has a technique of packing so that the item is protected from any kind of damage during the process. The professionally trained team of movers come with the best quality of packing material to your belongings carefully. They know what to do in order to protect each and every item in the best possible way.

Moreover, they use customized packing techniques like wooden crating, LED boxes, fabric sheets and much more to protect your belongings by all means.

Disassembling and reassembling of furniture

Full service movers are experienced and trained to protect and transport all types of furniture. They know which part of the furniture can be disassembled in order to transport it safely.

From big cabinets and wardrobes to small chairs and tables they know the jack of all.

The price of moving furniture also varies accordingly. If you are moving cross country then it would be very expensive affair to pack and move it. It is better to leave those pieces behind and buy the new ones after the move.


Next service provided by full-service movers is to transport the packed stuff to your new address. Your packed stuff will be loaded in the moving truck, transported, unloaded and then taken to your new house.

If it is a long-distance move then it might arrive in a few days but if it is a local move then your belongings will reach their new place on the same day.

You don’t have to worry about your belongings in transit as the movers use the most secured transportation methods to move your valuable stuff.


Full-service movers provide you with the facility to store your stuff.

• When you have not reached your new city

• When your new home is not ready to receive the stuff

• You have sent your belongings and your ticket has been postponed

• Or any other reason

You are expected to be charged by the time your stuff is stored with movers. The fee is decided on the basis of storage period. If you keep your belongings with them for a longer period of time then you have to pay more.


When your belongings reach your new address by transportation or by self-storage units the next step is unpacking. They unpack everything with their expertise and arrange everything in the respective rooms according to your preferences.

They reassemble the furniture pieces and then arrange them carefully. Also, they dispose all the extra packaging material so that your new home doesn’t look untidy or cluttered.

The best thing about choosing a full service more with movers and packers Bhopal is that they do everything with their expertise and you don’t even have to lift your finger. You can have a stress free relocation as you transfer all your stress to the moving company. The time you get by doing this can be utilized by finishing other important tasks and saying goodbye to your near and dear ones.


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