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Steps to Migrate Mac Mail Emails in PDF

This blog post helps you to understand the process to save your Mac Mail emails in multi-format. Files like PDF, PST, and so on. I really recommend you to take your email backup in PDF extension as there are many benefits of PDF documents. This will allow you to save your email data into multiple devices along with every email property.

Emailing process is the best and most secure method for communication. And for official means of communication, email is the easiest way to maintain every record related to business communication. For individuals, emailing is helpful for organizing communication manner.

With this increase in the users of emailing communication, email clients are also rapidly increasing. Emails clients are those applications or servers through which you can send and receive your email messages in a properly formatted style. There are many email clients available on the web some of them are free to use and some are paid. Emails clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Gmail, PocoMail, SpiceBird, Eudora, Yahoo Mail, and so on.

Now, back to the topic, if you are using the Mac Mail email app to manage your email activities and you want to save your messages in PDF, then you have to follow some steps to convert them. These steps can be followed with the manual procedure as well as with automated software (CubexSoft Mac Mail MBOX Converter tool).

Overview of .MBOX and .PDF File Extensions

When we talk about the MBOX format files, these are the files that can be extracted from many email clients like Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Gmail, PostBox, etc. This email format is the best format as it is safer than other email formats and extensions. With this file format, you can view your email messages in multiple email clients as some email clients allow users to view MBOX format files directly.

After all these beneficial features of MBOX files, there are many reasons for the .mbox file conversion process. As we all know the best file format is PDF even for email messages. The PDF file extension is considered the safest and can be secured with passwords also. PDF files can be utilized for printing purposes and also accepted for legal documentations. You can open it on multiple devices at the same time and can be copied from one location to the other location of the device. You can transfer PDF files from one device to another to make them more secure.

Before the start of an alternative solution and manual procedures for the conversion of the MBOX emails to PDF, I really like to share some user’s queries with you:

User’s Queries

I have email data that I have saved from multiple email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and Mac Mail. All these emails are confidential and important for my company, is there any way to secure them all in PDF files, if it is, then which is the best solution for this process an online software or other offline tools?

I do not know any kind of technical or professional method to convert my emails into PDF, but I need to save my emails in PDF format. I am a user of Mac Mail or you would know this as the Apple Mail email client. Please suggest any free (if any) or paid solution for this process.

Online Procedure Vs Offline Software to Convert Mac Mail Emails to PDF Document

  • In the online procedure, the service provider has all access to your data whereas the offline tool provides complete access to your data.
  • To convert emails with an online procedure, you can have to load all your data into the service provider’s server that means your data can be saved or viewed by the owner of that server. On the other hand, with the offline tool, you can also convert your confidential emails as there is no internal server, the tool works on your own computer system.
  • With the Online procedure, you cannot convert all email files within the same steps, whereas through the utilization of the offline tool you can save unlimited emails into PDF documents.

Manual Process to Convert Mac Mail Emails to PDF Document

This process can be done with the use of a Mac Mail account, so if you still get access to your email client, then you can follow the below steps:

  1. Start your Mac Mail app.
  2. Then, you can choose the email or emails which you want to save in PDF file extension.
  3. Click on the File option which is located on the main menu.
  4. You can easily reach the Export as PDF option from the drop-down options.
  5. Select the location for the saving of the file and click the Save tab.

After the completion of this process, you can view the required Mac Mail email message in PDF.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • Batch file conversion from Mac Mail to PDF is not available in the manual method.
  • It is a lengthy process and you have to operate this process very carefully.
  • You must have the technical knowledge to operate the manual may of the email conversion process.
  • Large-size email files may not convert directly with the manual method.
  • The outcome of the manual procedure is not relevant, sometime you have to follow the process again and again for a single mail file.

Manual Procedure to Save MBOX to PDF via Mozilla Thunderbird

As many users of Mozilla Thunderbird asking for the email conversion process and both Mac Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird applications can save their emails in MBOX files, I am explaining the manual method to convert Mozilla Thunderbird email to PDF:

  1. Open your Mozilla Thunderbird account.
  2. Now, choose the Add-Ons option from the Tools section of the application.
  3. You can install the tool called ImportExportTool and then restart your PC and Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  4. Through the tools option, you can reach the ImportExportTools option.
  5. Now, you need to select the Export all Messages in the Folder.
  6. Go with the PDF format and then choose the destination location.

After these steps, you can view your Mozilla Thunderbird email in PDF, but this solution also contains some limitations, due to this I recommend you to go with the automated software for the MBOX to PDF conversion procedure.

Steps to Migrate Mac Mail Emails in PDF with Safest Solution

Manual procedures are good to convert limited emails to PDF, but they are not the best as they contain many limitations. The best way to get Mac Mail emails to PDF document folders is the CubexSoft Mac Mail MBOX Converter tool. With this, you can easily convert MBOX files with a complete database.

This tool also processes the batch MBOX data through a single processing way. You can follow the steps of this amazing software on any Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, and so on. You can utilize these steps of the software through its free edition with the few email files as the complete processing can be done through the utilization of its licensed version. This software can also convert MBOX files in other email file formats, like you can perform MBOX to PST, EML, MSG, NSF, TGZ, and so on. It can also perform this process to migrate Mac Mail emails in Office 365, Exchange Server, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. through a direct processing way.

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