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Stole is an Irreplaceable Thing in a Woman’s Wardrobe

Stoles have long been a part of both everyday wardrobe and evening wear. A stole, correctly matched to the image, can transform any set. Fashion experts count over a hundred ways to wear a fashion accessory.

According to legend, the history of the stole takes us back centuries. In the 17th century, the famous Princess Palatine married the Duke of Orleans, brother of the King of France. The venerable lady often complained of strong Versailles drafts. In order to keep warm, she asked to make a wide scarf for herself. The width of the sewn product exceeded one meter. Stoles were heavily worn by ladies in the 19th century. Hot, after ballroom dancing, the young ladies wrapped themselves in fur stoles on snowy evenings.

In the 20th century, everything changed. Chic furs have evolved into fabric products. One warm stole suggests many ways to wear. Nowadays, products made of dense fabric not only warm, but also decorate everyday attire, helping every woman to create a unique look.

A Few Simple Examples of Garments Which are Made from a Stole

The most economical way to update your wardrobe is to buy a stole in a trendy, bright color, for example cashmere red scarf. It is believed that the optimal size of the stole is 140×90 cm. For a successful drapery, the product should be made of soft, durable fabric. With the help of simple techniques from one stole, it is easy to create several full-fledged, fashionable things.accessories

From a stole, you can create a dress in the Greek style by wrapping it around the figure and tying the edges of the scarf in a knot on one shoulder. A beautiful, functional dress, created with the help of a stole, will favorably emphasize the advantages of a slender silhouette.

A stole sundress is a universal thing for the fall. It will not be difficult to create it in a couple of minutes. We zap the ends of a wide scarf and tie them around the neck, completing the look with a fashionable belt or belt. Such a sundress not only slims, but also visually makes girls with small stature taller.

A fashionable vest made of a stole will not only warm, but also decorate your everyday outfit. To do this, just twist the fashion accessory around your neck and gird yourself with a thin belt. A stole top tied around the neck allows girls to visually enlarge their breasts and get more feminine shapes.

The skirt is the simplest stole product. A full-fledged wardrobe item, created by the smell of a stole on the hips, will effectively decorate a brooch or a thin leather belt.

Design Subtleties Associated with the Using of a Stole

When creating stylish garments from a stole, you should avoid small brooches. The volume of the fabric of such a product does not match with small accessories. Massive brooches made of fabric or felt, which can be made with your own hands at home, are perfectly combined with wide scarves.

When draping a stole, you should not adhere to exclusively correct forms. By creating asymmetry in clothes, it is easy to add dynamics to the image. Such drapery looks more impressive on ladies with curvaceous forms.

A stole will always look relevant, stylish and expensive if it is made of dense, weighty fabric.

The lack of variety in clothes can always be compensated for with one stole, creating in a few minutes a whole wardrobe that will be enough for the entire season.

How to Wear a Stole With a Jacket

Stole as an accessory in clothes goes well with any kind of outerwear. It is a comfortable warm scarf for protection from wind and cold during the off-season or warm winter.

This is a rectangular piece of fabric with a width of 0.7 m or more. It can be worn on the head, neck and décolleté. This is a multifunctional part of a woman’s wardrobe with a decorative function. The stole will help you effortlessly diversify the bow and make any look brighter. The accessory can be made of cotton, silk, wool. Some scarves are decorated with fringe and fur.

There are many options to wear a feminine wide headscarf beautifully. The method of tying is chosen depending on the style of the image and the type of outerwear. Let’s take a look at the most popular techniques.

How to Tie a Hooded Stole

Stole as a versatile accessory can serve as a hood. In this form, the fabric perfectly warms, protecting the head and neck from the wind. Scarves made of natural fur look most impressive in this design. Options with pom-poms, draperies and decorative brooches look elegant.

To tie a hooded stole, you need to throw a scarf over your head. Hanging ends are placed on the back. A knot is tied under the chin to fix it. The tips can be slung over the back or left in front.

How to Tie a Stole over a Jacket with a Collar and Without a Collar 

An alternative option for wearing a scarf in combination with a voluminous collar is the “Turban”. It will make your look more playful and romantic at any time of the year. To complete the classic “Turban” you will need to go through the following algorithm:

  • The material folds in half. We leave one edge longer than the other.
  • Cover the head with a scarf in a diagonal direction.
  • Cross the ends of the fabric at the back of the head, then draw them to the forehead. We form another diagonal.
  • Put the ends of the scarf at the base of the neck and cross it.
  • Wrap the neck with a stole and tie a bow to fix it.

If you have a jacket without a collar, then you can wrap the straps in a circle like a snood. This way you can keep warm well when frozen. The tying process is as follows:

  • The stole is applied to the neck, achieving the same length of the edges.
  • The ends are tied in knots.
  • The resulting ring is turned over in the form of a figure eight. The right end goes to the left side and vice versa.
  • It turns out two loops. The first is around the neck, the second is in the hands. We throw the second loop over the head.
  • Mask the ends of the scarf.

How to Tie a Stole on a Short Jacket

If you are interested in how to wear a stole in an original way in combination with a short jacket, try a scarf-collar. To perform this tying method, you will need:

  • Fold the fabric in a triangle.
  • Fix the ends diagonally. The lower left connects to the upper right.
  • Throw the fabric around your neck and make one turn.
  • Gently spread the material and hide the tips.

Tied stole to get a voluminous beautiful scarf, you can use the following technique:

  • Throw the fabric over your shoulders. Leave the right end shorter than the left.
  • Wrap the left end of the scarf twice around the neck without tightening.
  • Stretch the edge under the resulting loop.
  • Tighten the ends of the scarf and secure with knots.

How to Tie a Stole on a Leather Jacket

If you prefer leather jackets for the spring-autumn season, then when choosing a stole, give preference to:

  • Light and airy shawls.
  • Fabrics in bright colors that blend perfectly with dark skin.
  • Products with fantasy designs, prints, fringes.

Silk and cotton fabrics can be tied elegantly with a French knot. To perform fashionable techniques you will need:

  • Fold the material in half and wrap the neck.
  • We take one tip of the stole in our hand and pass it into the loop. We leave the second one free to lie on the shoulder.
  • Take the other end of the fabric and pass it under the loop, and then over it.
  • We form a free knot.

How to Tie a Stole on Your Shoulders

To position the fabric over your shoulders, try:

  • Throw a scarf over your shoulders, leaving the left edge at chest level.
  • Take the free right part of the fabric to the left shoulder.
  • Pull up the scarf at the neckline, making pleats.
  • Secure the resulting drape with a brooch.

There is a “Butterfly” method that allows you to tie a stole on your shoulders. To execute it, you must:

  • Place the material around your neck and align the edges.
  • Form a soft knot in the throat area.
  • Draw the ends of the scarf to the shoulders, creating a composition of folds in front.

To perform the Flower technique on a light fringed stole, proceed as follows:

  • Fold the edges of the scarf on the side and tie the fringe into a knot.
  • Throw the fabric around your neck.
  • Pull out the tip of the material with the rose longer.
  • Secure the rose with a decorative brooch.

How to Tie a Stole around your Neck Beautifully

To create a bright, feminine look, follow these guidelines:

  • Tie the scarf using a variety of techniques with your back straight.
  • The best combinations of a scarf with outerwear are a coat with a classic collar or stand-up.
  • Harmonious combination of gamut. The color of the outerwear should match the shade of the selected scarf.
  • Fur stoles look more impressive on the shoulders.

Don’t forget to take care of the stole fabric. Features of washing, drying and storage depend on the composition. The manufacturer’s recommendations should be strictly adhered to so as not to spoil the material.

More fashion tips read here.

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