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Storing Essential Oils: How to Properly Store Your Essential Oils

Who knew storing essential oils, something you can use to reduce stress, would be such a stressful task?

Essential oils are a rising star in the wellness industry, but because of their unique properties and packaging, they can be confusing to figure out how to store and organise.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this struggle!

Read below for some storage tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting the best out of your essential oils.

Packaging Essential Oils With the Right Materials

Packaging is one of the most important parts of storing essential oils.

With the wrong packaging, your essential oils can leak, evaporate, change their composition, and even dissolve the packaging altogether.

So, what packaging should you be using to store essential oils?

Glass containers are best since they can’t be dissolved by potent essential oils. Dark glass containers are even better because they let in less light and heat, so the formula of the oils is less likely to change.

Since essential oils are concentrated, it’s best to use small vials for essential oils. This way you can more easily control how much you use at a time, and if accidents do happen, you don’t lose too much of your oils at once.

The right lids or stoppers are also important to make sure you are able to control the amount of essential oil you’re using, and make sure you avoid leaks or exposure to air.

Storing Essential Oils Out of Direct Light

You’ll have noticed that a lot of packaging for essential oils is dark in color.

This is to help keep light away from your essential oils, as light can raise the temperature inside the packaging, which can change the formula of your essential oils.

But even with the proper packaging, too much light or heat can damage your essential oils. To avoid this, store them in dark, cool spaces.

The best places for storing your essential oils might be inside cupboards or on shelves that don’t get direct light. Some people even keep their essential oils in the fridge.

Organizing Essential Oils in a Way That Works for You

Now that you’ve got the right packaging for your essential oils, you’ve got to figure out how to store them. The more essential oils you have, the trickier it can get to keep them organised.

There are no right answers for the best way to organize your essential oils, it all depends on how you want to use them.

Some people don’t mind a box they can rifle through when they need something. Other people want their essential oils arranged and displayed so they’re easy to search through.

Looking up organization tips will help you see what your options are, and choose what works best for your needs.

Getting the Best Out of Your Essential Oils

Now that you know more about packaging and storing essential oils, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best quality and organization out of them.

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