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Strength and Peace A Guide to Different Types of Martial Arts

Filling your kids’ schedules with extracurricular activities can only benefit them. Sure, they help your children with college applications in the future. But more importantly, these activities help your kids find interests they’re passionate about, burn extra energy, and form positive habits.

One extracurricular to consider is martial arts. Not only does martial arts encourage physical activity, but also discipline. It also teaches some basic self-defense skills!

Are you now wondering about the types of martial arts your kids can take? Then you’re in the right place! Keep reading to see what’s available.


Let’s start with the type that practically everyone knows: karate.

Karate is a Japanese type of martial arts and focuses on self-defense and unarmed combat. It uses both kicks and punches to help you get out of sticky situations.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu comes from China; more specifically, the Shaolin Temple. The monks practiced Kung Fu not just for self-defense, but also to improve their health.

Within this type of martial arts are some subtypes, such as Shaolin, Wing Chun, and Tai Chi. What they all have in common is that you must strike hard and fast. They also involve weapon skills with things like swords and spears.


Taekwondo is martial arts from Korea and focuses mostly on kicking techniques. In fact, it’s common to see techniques that show off how skillful the person is.

Taekwondo at Team Carlo will support your child to develop life-long habits that will give them the physical, emotional and social advantage in life.

It originated from royal court and tribal fighting systems. But nowadays, it’s taught as a less threatening type of martial arts.

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu first originated in Japan. But today, you’ll most likely find the Brazilian version, as it’s very popular. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has only been around since 1882 but it’s exploded in popularity all over the world.

While Japanese Jiu Jitsu focuses on self-defense through wrestling and grappling, the Brazilian version is a bit different. While you’ll still use the size of your opponent against them, there aren’t as many throws or takedowns.

Sign up your kids for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, and they’ll have a blast.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a more modern type of martial arts and it comes from Israel. In fact, the Israeli Defense Forces came up with it in the 1930s.

This is the best type of martial arts if want your kids to learn how to handle different dangerous scenarios. It’s also one of the best types of mixed martial arts since it combines wrestling, boxing, and Judo.

Krav Maga is excellent because people of all ages, shapes, and sizes can practice it. It’ll prepare you for scenarios like knife threats and multiple attackers.

Have Your Kids Try These Types of Martial Arts

These are but just a few types of martial arts, considering there are hundreds in the world. But with this list of the most popular ones, you’ll have a great starting point for your kids. So take a look in your local community and sign your little ones up for some fun!

If you liked reading about the different types of martial arts, then keep reading our blog page to find out more about extracurricular activities that are great for kids and adults alike!

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