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Strong Branding Is The Key To Increasing E-Commerce Sales

Key elements of an e-commerce business brand

We can write a hundred tips and tactics for increasing e-commerce sales, but these would probably be more suitable for established or old brands. Tell us how many times you went to Google to buy a formal shirt or maybe a black dress? We usually go to Myntra, Flipkart or Amazon and look for options with applying filters. It happens with all of us because these platforms are so absorbed into our minds that we don’t even bother to look at other newly created or less recognized websites. Whether you’ve spent thousands of dollars or just $ 500 developing your e-commerce website, to be recognized you need to build a strong branding image.

Key elements of an e-commerce business brand

  1. Product Styling: There is much more than product photographs, name and description to showcasing a product online. You need a deep styling of the products to present them in the best way. For example, for a clothing brand, you can approach a model so that buyers can see how the products actually look. Recommend things to users to evoke a sense of authority. Indicate how many people have already bought it or how many buyers have voted on it. If you are selling a tank top, recommend shorts and shoes that can go with it. Use high quality, clearly visible images with zoom effects. Video presentation is also adopted by some e-commerce giants, giving the user a clear picture. Ecommerce website development companies these days not only help users in development but also suggest ways to provide the best UX so that you can link with such company which can also support the development. maintenance of your website, which is very important.
  2. Post original content / images: Most businesses use stock images from some free galleries, but this seriously affects their branding. Original content always carries confidence. If you can’t afford very expensive photographers or cameras, you can just use your smartphone. Phones nowadays are also equipped with great cameras that take high resolution and good quality pictures.

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  1. Provide helpful customer service: The way your agents talk to customers plays an important role in building your brand. For example, with millennials, you can chat using emoticons. Make your cat interactive rather than robotically framing it. With an interactive chat, users will feel more connected with your brand.
  2. Offer quality: whatever type of product you are selling. It must be of good quality. Good quality combined with low cost attract customers the most. On your product page, show how your product is able to overcome user difficulties. Poor quality things are okay, but only if they are inexpensive. So try to keep the balance.
  3. Be transparent: If you want people to stay connected with your brand for a long time, you can’t stand a lie. You have to be honest and transparent. These values ​​are based on a few things like your business mission and vision statement, content about us, product descriptions, genuine product reviews, and customer data. Take care of personal data shared by users in any form. Keep passwords encrypted to build trust in the eyes of customers.
  4. Give value to user-generated content: There is another kind of value that user-generated content retains. It encourages other people to buy your products. Text and video reviews should be kept on your website so that users know who all of your products are using and whether or not they are happy with it. User-generated content also means the comments you received on any of your posts. If it’s a query, try to provide a quick response. Users also complete your request form in which personal data is submitted. Try to reach out to help as soon as possible.

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  1. Share your story: there are thousands of trading companies electronics that spring up every month, so why should people buy from you. You need to tell them how your brand was found, how it was developed, what your USPs are and more stuff about you. They need to feel connected to your brand to be your long-term customer.
  2. Never Promise Too Much: You can try to deliver more than what you promise, but never less. Delivering less can happen for a number of reasons such as suddenly running out of resources or over-promising. So be transparent while delivering your sales pitch and try to deliver as much as you promised. It will be added to the list of your satisfied customers.
  3. Concentrate only on your market: this is one of the crucial business rules to follow. You need to define your target market and predict its potential before running any type of campaign. Understand your target market, their weak points, their demographics and more about them. Once you are done with them, you should focus exclusively on them. Your branding must have a real impact on your target audience. This clearly means that companies need to define their market and then talk to them in a way that works for them.
  4. Refine your strategy: Whether it’s branding or sales, it is very important to continue to refine your strategy. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and understand the challenges they might be facing. Work on these points to refine and filter your next steps.

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