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Study Abroad 101: Things to Keep in Mind While Going Abroad for Study

When an individual chooses to pursue education abroad, there is excitement accompanied by tension for sure. The admission process may also be overwhelming, so one can turn towards study abroad counselling for the upcoming journey and coping with stress. Here, we will discuss the importance of counselling for abroad studies and its role in shaping a candidate’s future.

Pointers to Remember while Going Abroad for Studies

Studying abroad is not an easy journey as it requires planning. Here are the primary reasons why one should opt for study abroad counselling:

  1. Shortlisting Universities

Shortlisting courses and universities can be a daunting task for many. This also results in delayed application. A study abroad counsellor will help candidates choose courses and universities per requirements. They will ensure whether one meets the eligibility parameters set by the university. After understanding the pros and consequences of each course, candidates can apply for a university of their choice.

  1. Organising your documents

Candidates must have a valid passport and apply for their student visa on time. It is best to have digital copies and hard copies of the acceptance letter, passport, student visa, application form and passport, and sized photographs. Study abroad experts will help in the entire procedure.

  1. Streamlining the application

Candidates can provide their documents and essential details to the study abroad counsellor who will complete the application process. Then, they will submit one’s application to the desired university. Moreover, their role does not end here. Study abroad counsellors will also help candidates draft their Statement of Purpose, which is critical during admission.

  1. Purchasing flight tickets

They will help candidates purchase their flight tickets three months in advance at an affordable price. However, they are subject to change and hence, one must be on the lookout for that.

  1. Getting vaccination and health checkups

One must get health check-ups and vaccinations done before travelling, which the study abroad counsellor will remind them of. One must carry these prescriptions while boarding a flight. Furthermore, these experts will help students contact their health insurance companies and know their residence abroad.

  1.  Tracking the application

Post-application, candidates may want to know the status of their application. Sometimes, this may result in self-doubt or lower self-esteem. A study abroad counsellor will let candidates know the status of their applications. Since, they have tie-ups with many universities; they can help candidates gain insight into their applications.

  1. Applying for visas

Once the application process is complete, candidates have to apply for a visa, which acts as an authorisation to enter the country. However, the visa procedure is different for every country, and any error can lead to its rejection.

The study abroad counsellor’s role includes preparing the candidate for the interview and ensuring that he/she is accepted seamlessly.

  1. Providing financial guidance

One has to plan expenses when planning to study abroad as this involves a lot of costs. A study abroad counsellor will provide knowledge on scholarships and loans and ensure that they have enough funds for their education.

Furthermore, they will also provide insights on accommodation and estimate the tuition fees and visas. Parents and students with this knowledge will be able to draw up a budget and manage their finances responsibly.

  1. Guidance for pre-departure

While leaving the country and beginning a new journey, one can experience a roller-coaster of emotions. During this period, one may not keep track of documents, medical insurance and other essential things. A study abroad counsellor will guide before the departure and ensure that one has a swift journey.

  1. Help in adapting to a new country

Candidates may still find it overwhelming after getting enrolled in their desired university. Adapting to a new country is difficult. In this scenario, candidates can contact their study abroad counsellors and let them know their feelings. Moreover, they can also ask for their guidance in looking and applying for a part-time job. They will also help in resolving any issues of accommodation.

Study abroad counselling ensures that students do not face difficulty in their journey. They demonstrate expertise in sending students abroad and ensuring that one’s dream is fulfilled. Beginning from finance and budgeting, visas, they handle everything with ease. Besides, they provide valuable pre- and post-admission guidance and promise a hassle-free experience. So what are you waiting for? Connect with LeapScholar now.

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