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Styles of Triple Bunk Beds for Children’s

While many people have their heart set on triathlon or L-shaped triple bunk beds, there are several other styles available that are just as stunning and functional. In this article, we’ll discuss a variety of options, including the Wooden triple bunk bed, Corner bed, and corner bed. Choose one that works best for your kids and your space. And don’t forget to check out our buying guide for the best triple bunk bed under a thousand dollars!

Triathlon bunk bed

With its solid hardwood frame, the Triathlon twin over full bunk bed offers a sturdy solution for children who want to share a room. The mattress area is made to be low, while the stairs and angled ladder provide a safe place to climb and get down from the top bunk. There are storage drawers, desks, and other features to make this a convenient place to store items. The Decathlon triple bunk bed also comes with a safety-certified, 16-inch-high guardrail system.

The Triathlon triple bunk bed by Maxtrix Kids offers three individual beds with additional space underneath for study or play. Its staircase entry provides easy access to storage spaces. The beds are available in white or natural finishes. The mattress is removable. Parents can easily remove the top bed for additional space. This is an ideal solution for bedrooms that have more than one child. You can also find these beds in natural and antique finishes, making them ideal bunk bed with stairs for shared bedrooms.

L-shaped triple bunk bed

The L-shaped triple bunk bed provides space-saving storage and style for your family. Its three bunk beds can accommodate two children or three adults. It features a pine wood frame and plywood slats instead of box springs. The bed comes with full-length guardrails to protect children from falls. It also features a slide for extra fun. It also has a modern design and is perfect for small bedrooms.

To choose a great triple bunk bed for your child, you need to measure the room and determine if the top bunk will provide enough space to sit. You should also determine if the bed will have storage drawers or under-the-bed storage. If you’re buying a triple bunk bed for a child’s room, make sure it includes a safety rail. Remember that children grow quickly, so safety is the top priority.

Corner bed

A corner bed is one of the many options for people looking for more space in their bedrooms. Corner beds are ideal for unused room corners and can save space while also offering plenty of storage. There are three main types of corner beds: ones with storage underneath the mattress, ones with storage in the box spring, and ones without storage. All three options have their advantages and disadvantages. A corner bed may require a lot of space to be installed, and they may be difficult to assemble.

bunk beds

A corner bunk bed is best for families with three children, or for a room that needs extra space. It saves room and offers plenty of space for fun activities. This style is typically constructed of a black steel frame for extra durability and protection against rust. It is available in two sizes – twin and full – with one side larger than the other. These beds can be decorated with accessories that match the decor of the room or the children.

Wooden triple bunk bed

A wooden Bunk Bed combines style and functionality. With a solid slate base and air vents to keep the mattress cool, it saves space and increases breathing in the room. You can find a wide range of wooden triple bunk bed designs that will fit in perfectly with any interior design. Here are some of our recommendations. Choose a style that suits your needs and your budget. There are many advantages of a wooden triple bunk bed.

The Shiplap Coastal Design: This style of triple bunk bed will last for many years. It is made from solid, manufactured wood and is extremely sturdy. There are no storage spaces under the bottom bunk, but this style is perfect for small rooms or for elders. You can also use the flat bottom bed in rooms with lower ceilings. It is also perfect for rooms with elderly pets. Its stylish appeal and multifunctional features will make it the centerpiece of your kids’ room.

Metal triple bunk bed

The triple metal bunk bed is the ultimate space-saver for a small room. The sturdy design lets you stack three beds securely, with built-in ladders and easy-access guardrails. It is a durable choice that will stand up to countless uses in a family. This bunk bed has the look and functionality to satisfy any home. And it’s built to last with its sturdy metal construction and gunpowder finish.


The MERITLINE Triple Bunk has three full-sized sleeping surfaces. The top bunk features a trundle, while the bottom bunk has a standard full-size bunk. The company is an industry leader, and their products are top-quality. You can remove the top bunk to convert it into two full-size bed sets, or make the top bunk into a single. And if your family doesn’t have a large enough room for all three bunks, you can easily convert one metal triple bunk bed into two single beds with trundles.


The finished wood and the sturdy construction of a bunk bed with stairs separates it from the rest. Its front access staircase ensures a safe climb to the top bed, and the built-in drawers on either side of the stairs provide additional storage space. Sturdy construction and flush color-matching hardware ensure safe use. And it meets federal safety standards. For the safety of your child, you can even order a stairway that can be reversed or turned to be a full-size triple bunk bed.

There are many different finishes for bunk beds with stairs, from modern to traditional. The wooden materials used in bunk beds with stairs can be painted white, cherry, or gray to match the room’s decor. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a color that coordinates with the rest of your room’s furniture. Choose from dark wood finish to complement your existing furnishings. Dark wood finishes look good with virtually any color, making them a classic choice for children’s rooms.


Staircase bunk beds are great for smaller rooms, as they open up lots of floor space. Staircase bunk beds have banisters so children can safely climb up and down. These beds are also available with flush, color-matching hardware. And they meet federal safety standards. Sizes of bunk beds with stairs vary from twin to full. Here are some tips for choosing the right size for your child’s bedroom.

Consider your child’s mobility and needs. If they have trouble climbing the stairs, consider where they can reach them in the dark. If you want to give them a safe and secure way to climb up and down, you can place a ladder in front or at the end. You can also opt for stairs with drawers built in. Some designs even come with slides or fireman’s poles. The size of the bunk bed with slide you buy will depend on the room.

While the age of most people who sleep in bunk beds is generally in their teens, adults can still make good use of them. The age of the person sleeping on the top bunk should be about 65 or older, as adults are generally less likely to trip over the ladder. This is because adults can still climb a ladder, and older people with health issues may not be able to use one. In any case, a bunk bed is a good option for temporary sleeping arrangements.

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