SUV or Minivan: Which is better for families?

We all want a vehicle that gives us better performance, fuel-efficiency, high comfort and supremely practical.

We all want a vehicle that gives us better performance, fuel-efficiency, high comfort and supremely practical. Especially for families, choosing the right vehicle option is important because of various expenses! Both SUV and Minivans, have been used by families for easy traveling and better experiences.

They both have various major pros and cons. The choice of selecting one also depends on how you want to use the vehicle in the long run. We will discuss some of the factors that should be considered when purchasing SUVs and Minivans. They are as follows:

Cargo Space

Minivans are designed in such a way that they are quite huge. They’ve got plenty of space at the back of the car for strollers, groceries, suitcases, or any hardware. This space is necessary for families as whenever there’s a plan for long-distance traveling, there’s a lot of equipment that needs to be loaded in the vans. If we compare the cargo space with SUVs, they lack in this case! They don’t have enough space as compared to Minivans. The storage space is mid-sized which can a bit useless for large-sized families. So the Cargo Space advantage goes to Minivans.

Interior Comfort

Minivans have got a lot of space for passengers. The size of the whole compartment of the sitting arrangement is up to 150 cubic feet. The seats are quite comfortable and they’ve got a lot of space on the car floor as well. This allows the passengers (especially tall people) to easily relax in their seats with their feet down. If we talk about SUVs, they also have a lot of room for passenger seat comfort. They have very well-equipped and luxurious pair of seats. These make it comfortable for families to ride long distances. In SUVs, you can also configure the seating arrangement according to your needs even though there is already a lot of space available. So SUVs have more of an upper mark here!


Whether it’s an SUV or a Minivan, we all need fuel-efficient vehicles because that’s how we can save our costs and cut up our expenses. If we talk about SUVs, many models have little fuel mileage. They help to keep better fuel economy, especially in hybrid SUVs! They help you with fuel savings that can be cost-effective with huge-sized families. But when we talk about the Minivans, we only have one or two fuel-saving models available so Minivans aren’t as fuel-efficient.


An excellent performance is the key to a successful model and SUVs have fairly won the game in this. They have efficient and supercharged engines that provide superior acceleration power and towing ability. Minivans aren’t good with towing large boats or trailers for family picnics due to its lower centre of gravity; Hence SUV wins the bet here!

Going on an Off-road trip

SUVs have greater suspension and tyres, which make them a better choice when it comes to going on an off-road itinerary. SUV tyres have a unique tread pattern which can grip soft terrains like mud and sand.

Contrary to SUVs, minivans are created to give an ideal performance on roads and highways. The tyres of minivans are engineered to perform well on these terrains. Designed especially for vans, the new Dunlop SP VAN01 offers exemplary durability and safety. The mileage is outstanding. On top of that, the tyre maintains optimal traction on all types of road.

SUVs are trending and Minivans are considered vintage. They both have a list of pros and cons. Decide the best according to your family’s lifestyle and usage.

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