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Tankini Sets: Hit the Beach in Style 

Deciding what type of swimsuit to choose can be a challenging thing to do. With so many designs, styles and prints available, every woman has to be careful to choose something that best flatters her figure. Especially when you are a plus-size woman, deciding what type of swimsuit to choose is more difficult due to the lack of style choices available at regular stores. Meanwhile, most plus-size women usually choose a simple one-piece style as their swimsuit, even though they might prefer something different. The typical bathing suit option for many full-figured women is a simple black or dark blue one-piece suit. But why restrict yourself so simple swimwear when you can have a stylish tankini sets? 

What Are Tankini Sets?

Tankinis are by far the most significant thing to happen in swimwear for women. Most women love to wear bikinis, but only a few are comfortable showing that much skin, which is where the tankinis come in. Tankinis are designed to allow you to enjoy all of the bikini’s benefits while remaining modest or covering your problematic areas. Meanwhile, do you know what makes this two-piece so alluring? Its versatility! In most cases, you can mix and match your sets to create different looks and even accommodate a different size on the top and on the bottom. That means for those who find that their tops and bottoms need to be different sizes, purchasing these two-piece suits can be a fantastic way to cater to your bodily needs. 

However, you can choose the pre-matched sets if you fit both areas well. You can also select the types of tops and bottoms in a style that fits your body best or that you like the best. There are different styles of tankinis tops, such as those with push-up bras, tanks that reach the waistband of the bikini bottoms, or those that show off a good deal of one’s midriff. Bottom pieces come in a wide range of designs as well. Some choices are cuts that are boy’s legs, swim shorts, low-cut bikinis, high-cuts or even designs that are g-strings. As such, selecting the tops and bottoms separately allows you to personalise your suit to fit you perfectly.

Why Choose Them?

Keeps Everything Under Control

Tankini style is usually made up of a top that comes down to the belly button, teamed up with bottoms that can take on various types such as regular briefs, shorts, skirts and so on. And with the top part of the tankini coming down to the belly button, this supports the stomach and belly area, helping you keep everything under control! This will have you feeling comfortable and confident when you wear your tankini on the beach or by the pool.

Ability to Mix and Match

Since the tankini is, in effect, a two-piece swimsuit style, you can have a variety of top and bottom parts, which can mix and match to create different styles and designs. From most stores, you do not necessarily need to purchase a whole two-piece tankini sets together; you can buy the top and bottom separately. This enables you to mix and match your separate pieces depending on your mood! So, for example, you could purchase one basic black swim shorts and 2 to 3 different style tankini tops, all of which would match the black bottoms.

These days a great variety of tankinis are available to suit everyone’s tastes and needs; indeed, you can find the one that best suits your body type. And usually, these are available in halter-neck styles, strapless styles, and in a myriad of different colours and prints. Hence, it is clear that tankinis are an excellent alternative to regular one-piece or bikini swimsuits.

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