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Techniques To Follow When Cleaning Your Guitar Properly

When you decide to clean your guitar, it’s should not only be for cosmetic purposes but for also maintaining its integrity and musical tuning. Therefore, the cleaning process should be done in an ideal manner otherwise you’ll do more harm than good. Proper cleaning can enhance the longevity of your guitar while also paving the way to avoid any future repairs. 

So, how do you actually clean your guitar? Well, that’s what we’re going to share with you in this comprehensive report. 

The Reason Why Cleaning Your Guitar Is Vital

When you use your guitar, the surface of the instrument gets layered with sweat & oil from your hands. Combined with that, dust, dirt and other contaminants get deposited upon the surface as well. Over time, dust along with sweat can lead to rusting of your guitar instrument. 

Professional guitar restoration services point out that, if you want to enjoy playing your guitar, you need to keep it clean & lively. 

The Preparation

First of all, you’ll need to wash your hands. It might sound obvious, but most guitarists out there don’t follow this norm. 

If you’re deciding to give your guitar a simple dusting, then you can leave your guitar strings on. However, if you’re planning to perform a thorough dusting, then the strings must be taken off. This is because the strings will get in your way of effortless cleaning and if you want your job to be easier, you need to remove them. 

The Things To Avoid
  • You should not frequently clean your guitar as it can affect the integrity of the guitar. 
  • Avoid using any household cleaning agents or detergents for your task. Always stick to specialized guitar cleaning products.
  • Don’t use any product that contains silicone. It will affect adversely your guitar’s finish
Stop Oil, Sweat & Dust Buildup

You should possess a daily routine of giving your guitar a light dusting after you use it (or even not while using it). Aggressively over-cleaning can be a bad thing, but the idea here is to simply perform a light cleaning and avoiding any deep cleaning. 

Over time you’ll notice that this light cleaning will help you avoid any deep cleaning later on. It’s like doing the cleaning in small installments so that you don’t have the burden to do the heavy cleaning at the future date. 

Having said that, if you’re not accustomed to cleaning your acoustic guitar via DIY methods, it’s better to opt for professional services. You can simply reach out to us and let us know if you require such services. We are always happy to help out our customers and clients.  

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