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The 14 Best Mobile and Cloud Performance Managements Apps To Help Your Business Management Easier and Better’s performance management software review is an ongoing process with check-ins between team leaders and members. This results in better coaching and feedback and, ideally, better performance and goal management.

Thus, you’ll need dependable, strong, and steady business performance management software. This will help to see the trajectory your firm is taking or if you want to make plans.

A strong business performance management tool can help you become a better coach and manager. In addition to helping your company perform better. There are a ton of apps and software options available for you to test out for your company.

What Are Performance Management Tools?

Performance management solutions and tools help to monitor productivity at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Company executives can use it to evaluate data and get insightful knowledge. They can make wise business decisions, they normally measure, collect, organize, and present it in a central area.

Some performance management solutions features are UI (User Interface). Others are Usability, Review and feedback, training and e-learning, reporting, and analytics. Most of these tools have a mobile and cloud version.

The Top 14 Mobile and Cloud Performance Management Apps

1. Leapsome

Leapsome is a comprehensive employee engagement and performance management application. It aids businesses in improving their management procedures.

Leapsome performance management and personalized learning platforms are used by businesses like Spotify. It offers a continuous cycle that propels the development of both your employees and your company. Some notable features are listed below. Their 360-reviews are simple to put up and completely personalized.

You can manage goals at the corporate, team, or individual level with the help of Leapsome’s OKRs & goals module.

2. Wrike

Wrike is more than just a program for managing business performance. It can also be used as communication software and time-tracking software. It is also a project management software.

Dashboards, and agile project management tools like Gantt charts and Kanban boards are a few of the collaboration tools. These tools are provided by Wrike. With Wrike, you can make online request forms, templates, and automated workflows. It comes with remarkable data security standards.

To make the most of the software in your business performance measurements, integrations are also offered. Wrike is accessible for free, but you can upgrade at any time to give your team access to extra features and capabilities.

3. Eden

Modules for performance management and guest management are included in Eden’s HR and workplace software. Administrators can create and implement employee review cycles within their performance management module.

These cycles are naturally created to be simple to use for any level user. Additionally, their platform offers 360-degree peer reviews and self-reviews. It permits many review cycles to take place simultaneously and facilitates easy access to past review data.

Eden interacts with numerous access control and single sign-on directory service applications. These include Google Calendar, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and popular HRIS systems like Gusto, Bob, and BambooHR.

4. HRsoft

One of the leading providers of cloud and mobile-based performance management tools is HRSoft. It helps businesses manage more efficiently and effectively. The solution includes content management and applicant tracking.

With HRSoft’s performance enablement tool, you can improve feedback interactions. You can also align goals, and encourage thoughtful and justified reviews.

Its fully customizable user interfaces and workflows give you flexibility. With this, you can match your individual goals with those of your organization.

5. Clear Company

Best for user-friendly, automated, and streamlined HR procedures. It’s simple to combine all of your automated employee performance review processes into one with ClearCompany. You can rapidly create reviews with free-form comments and custom-scoring tables

You may send as many performance reviews as you need, as frequently as you need. This is possible because of ClearCompany’s flat-rate pricing structure. Tools for background checks, calendars, job postings, and SSO are all integrated with ClearCompany.

6. KPI Fire

KPI Fire assists in measuring the performance of your business by producing reports on your marketing campaigns. This helps you determine which ones are successful or ineffective.

Utilize KPI Fire to acquire crucial information and reports for your strategic planning. This will help to enhance the performance of your company through performance metrics.

7.’s performance management software is agile, intuitive, and interactive. They provide a complete set of analyses and reports for gauging corporate performance.

These reports can be used to coach your staff members on how they are doing. It helps to recognize and reward high performers, and strengthen the team’s weak links.

Additionally, offers more than 300 business performance metrics. You can use them to optimize the performance of all the important departments and key individuals in your company.

It may help your company’s many departments develop. It helps direct each contributor to increasing their effectiveness and productivity.

8. Productboard

Productboard performance management solution will help your organization to become more customer-centric

You may develop a Roadmap using Productboard to ensure that everyone in your organization is aware of your goals. This will help ensure everyone has a clear path to follow and has a responsibility to play in the overall initiatives to help the firm reach them.

Additionally, you may centralize your customer feedback so that you can sort it by priority. Then you can use it to communicate with customers or make changes that will further please your current customers and draw in new ones.

9. Onestream

A corporate performance management system called OneStream assists businesses in streamlining financial reporting. It also helps in budgeting, planning, and analytics. Either on-site or cloud deployment of the program is used.

Key features are planning, budgeting, forecasting, account reconciliations, sales planning, and profitability analysis.

10. Prophix

Prophix provides a mobile and cloud-based corporate performance management solution. It is mostly useful for financial forecasting, budget analysis, and management reporting. To increase efficiency, the platform provides automation for appraisal and consolidation.

Features include a dashboard, reporting, budgeting, and forecasting. Other features are financial Consolidation, workflow and automation, collaboration, and audit trail

11. Jedox

Jedox is a platform-agnostic enterprise performance management tool. It assists enterprises in improving planning, forecasting, and reporting. The program can be used on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Key Elements are collaboration, reporting and analysis, access control authorization, and budgeting

12. Axiom

Axiom Software is a cloud and mobile-based enterprise performance management system. It helps businesses and individuals with scenario modeling. It also helps in forecasting, planning, and reporting.

You can set KPIs, track initiatives’ progress, and evaluate them using the platform’s dashboard. Budgeting and forecasting, reporting, cost control, and role-based access are all included.

13. Conectohub

It is a cloud and mobile-based OKR and task management platform. It synchronizes strategic planning and activities with corporate objectives. To track progress in real-time, you may also modify your goals concerning daily chores and projects.

Key Elements include task management and project management. It also has a system for measuring performance, team management, and collaboration

14. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 leverages technological breakthroughs to provide user-friendly reporting tools. It also has data collection capabilities, and market research functionalities. This may enhance your customer-facing duties. You may be wondering what makes Bitrix24 the greatest. It is unpaid!


Whether your focus is on your products or workers, you can find business performance management software. This can help meet your demands thanks to sector-specific improvements. Using one or more of the tools suggested in this article will make guiding your business toward success easier and better than it has ever been.

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