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The 3 Times in Life When You Should Update Your Resume

The 3 Times in Life When You Should Update Your Resume

Did you know that your resume is only scanned for six to seven seconds on average by employers? So, you have better make what you do put on your resume count. And one way to do that is to update it when necessary.

If you are wondering when to edit your resume it might not be as often as you think. It should only need a refresher after important events.

Here are 3 times that you should update your resume to get it noticed and to keep it accurate.

1. Get Promoted or a New Job

Whenever you ask what should your resume include the answer will also be your job history no matter what industry you are in. That is because it tells a story of your progressing experience.

Therefore, keeping it up-to-date with your latest job title is essential for your next step forward. Because you do not want to have any gaps in employment that are unexplained. So, add your new job or promotion on your resume while your duties are fresh in your mind.

2. Complete a Degree, Certificate, or Training

Getting a degree is an accomplishment that should not be left off your resume. Plus, you are most likely going to school to advance your career.

Update your resume with the help of to reflect your education so that you can use it for a promotion or on a new job search. Be sure to include your major, degree received, and any special projects that would display transferable skills onto a relevant job.

You can also add any certifications or job training that adds to your experience and that will help reflect your knowledge on particular topics.

3. Learn a New Skill

Your resume skill section is a quick reference guide to potential employers because it is usually an easily scanned list. Adding to this list will include essential keywords that may help you pass the first round of screening.

If you are wondering when to update resume skills then the answer is as soon as you feel that you have mastered them. You do not want to add skills that you are still learning. This can cause problems if your boss thinks you know how to do something but you are still learning.

Skills should also be as detailed as possible. Instead of saying customer service, say building client relationships, for example. You can also tailor your skills to fit the job you seek. Change the wording or add and remove certain skills based on the requirements of the job description.

How to Update Your Resume

To update your resume you need to save it somewhere that is easily accessible and memorable. You do not want to lose it or forget where it is saved and have to redo the entire document. Also, have a file with old resumes and resumes labeled for various jobs. This will help you stay organized and find the most recent resume.

If you are looking for a new job then check out our Business section for career tips.

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