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The 7 Best Small Home Bar Ideas

The 7 Best Small Home Bar Ideas

If you want to spice up your home, you may have considered adding a home bar for an improved entertainment space.

Home bars are a great way to liven up a room, both literally and aesthetically. However, if you live in a small home and don’t have much room to spare, it can be difficult to figure out how to make it work.

Here are some small home bar ideas to make the most of the space you have.

1. Bar in a Cabinet

If you’re running low on space, keeping your bar in a cabinet is both practical and creative.

You can get one with a bar cooler, wine rack, and storage shelves for an extra level of convenience. This will let you store a range of drinks for celebrations, dinner with friends, or even just a glass before bed.

2. Floating Bottle Storage

When you live in a small home, sometimes you have to start thinking vertically.

The minimalistic design of floating bottle holders provides a creative way to store your wine bottles, while also providing extra flair to entertainment spaces. For a more modern home design, you can choose silver or chrome bars to hold your wine, or you can use wood bars for a more rustic appearance.

3. Wall Bar

Like the floating bottle storage home bar idea, wall bars use the verticle space in your home to store your alcohol. You can use box shelves for storage, as counters, and as a base for lighting.

Alternatively, you can make your own wood pallet wall bar. While this may take more work, it is a fun and affordable option for those who enjoy DIY projects.

4. Pull-Out Drawers

A minibar made out of pull-out drawers may not seem ideal, but it saves a lot of space. While it can’t store alcohol that needs to be chilled, its compact design optimizes the storage space available.

This home bar stores tall bottles in the bottom drawer, shorter ones in the top, and glasses and other bar implements in the upper shelves. It also comes with a service and prep counter for an additional layer of convenience.

5. In the Kitchen

One way to make space where there is none is to turn one of your kitchen walls into a home bar.

Using a kitchen wall as bar space provides you with all the necessary storage and counter space with in-wall shelves and a counter that folds down when it is not being used. This will let your home bar be in a convenient location without sacrificing too much floor space.

This will allow you to have more room for comfortable, stylish bar stools, which you can learn more about here.

6. Hidden Home Bar

One of the more recent small home bar ideas that have grown in popularity are hidden home bars. They are discreet yet accessible and require little more than a spare cabinet or hidden nook.

Disguise a cabinet door as a fake wall or something similar, and you will be able to hide your favorite drinks, glasses, and potentially even a service counter.

7. Portable Minibar

If you do not have any space to spare or just don’t want a big bar renovation on your hands, a portable minibar is probably the way to go.

With a portable minibar, you can carry your favorite drinks anywhere you like, making it the most convenient option by far.

Deciding Between Small Home Bar Ideas

When you’re looking at small home bar ideas, it can be hard to decide what will work best for your home.

Before choosing a home bar, think about where you can put it. Do you have an empty wall that needs some decorative accents, or maybe you have a spare cabinet that can be made into a hidden stash?

Be creative with the space you have, so you can have a home bar that fits your style.

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