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The Appropriate Substitute For Missing Teeth

Periodontal disease, tooth decay, or trauma is the most common causes of tooth loss. It can appear unattractive and adversely affect the jawbone’s health when missing one or more permanent teeth. In addition to causing the remaining teeth to move if untreated, missing teeth can affect a patient’s ability to bite properly. 

Fortunately, several dental procedures can give patients a smile they can be proud of. 

Dental Treatment: The Unique Dental Process

When replacing missing teeth, patients have various treatment options; the best option is unquestionably dental implants.

Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry provides patients with one or more missing teeth with various tooth replacement options. The options are made to restore your smile’s beauty and functionality, and they will always work with you to find the best answer for your requirements.

Implant Dentistry

One of the most widely used tooth replacement options is dental implants. Implants are placed in the jaw, serving as an anchor for a dental crown or other restoration and replacing the missing tooth’s root. A good candidate for dental implants must have enough density because they are inserted into the jaw.

The most durable and dependable tooth replacement option is dental implants. They won’t come loose or fall out once inserted into the jaw, and with the proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime. The only tooth replacement option that replaces a tooth’s missing root is an implant. Implants are the only tooth replacement option to stop your jaw from changing structurally.


Dentures are removable false teeth that can be taken out at night for cleaning and sleeping and worn throughout the day. They are custom-made for each patient to fit comfortably over the gums, and in addition to natural suction, they also come with denture adhesive for added security.

The dental laboratory will make your dentures for you. To ensure that the final product looks exactly how you want it to, they will begin by talking with you about your smile goals. Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry will use the highest grade dental materials to create the dentures to ensure stunning aesthetics, dependable strength, and a perfect fit. Your new dentures will be comfortable to wear all day, allow you to eat your favorite foods, and restore the smile and confidence you once had by working with you at Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry.

Tooth bridges

A dental bridge at Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry might be a good solution if multiple teeth are missing in an arch. Bridges are the perfect way to secure multiple restorations because they can be connected to crowns placed over implants or adjacent teeth. Bridges can also be used to replace a single tooth.

Opt For Dental Bridges For Reliable Oral Health

Dental bridges are permanent, so you do not have to remove them to clean them. They can also make smiles with missing teeth stronger, more functional, and more attractive. 

Bridges, on the other hand, won’t be able to stop changes to the jaw and will need to be adjusted as the bone narrows and shrinks over time because they don’t completely replace all missing tooth roots.

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