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The behind the scenes of audio visual production services

The behind the scenes of audio visual production services

Video has always been hailed as the future of marketing, but the future has arrived. You’ll be left behind if you don’t incorporate video into your marketing plan. There’s no need to be concerned about getting started. Even if you can’t really afford to engage an in-house audio visual production team, there are a number of highly competent businesses that can help you with your audio visual production services needs.

We’ll go through the audio visual production process as well as the audio visual production services you should look for when hiring a business to handle your content marketing in this blog. It’s time to enter the 60% of firms who are currently utilising video marketing and reaping the benefits it provides.

Video may be a valuable tool for telling your narrative and inspiring your audience to feel, think, and act in a specific manner. No matter what sort of business or sector you’re in, video may be one of the most powerful conversion generators if done correctly.

What does it take to be successful at video marketing?

Whether or not you have an in-house workforce or employ a video production firm to handle the content marketing, there are three types of audio visual production services you should either perform yourself or ensure the agency you hire offers:



After-Production or post production

Preproduction is a type of video production that incorporates both creative and organizational elements.

This covers, for example, audio visual production services such as:

  • Considering the goal, intended audience, distribution method, and tone of your video
  • Creating a financial plan
  • Pitching and creative development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Outlining and storyboarding
  • Lists of potential targets (the scenes you want to be included in your video)
  • Scouting for a suitable location (looking for locations to shoot your video)
  • Casting
  • Granting permission (getting the required permits from the municipality)
  • Preparation and leasing of equipment (as per requirement)
  • The use of subcontractors (as per requirement)

Steps of Production

The first step in video production is pre-production. It occurs behind the scenes, yet it’s perhaps the most crucial aspect of making a film that achieves your objectives.

You’ll not even get to the ultimate result you want without making the effort on the frontend. That’s where you’ll lay a sturdy foundation for your message to stand on. It entails two distinct aspects of video production: artistic and logistical.

The creative part of the process entails developing and refining your video’s premise, producing a script, concept art, moreover ensuring that you completely comprehend not just the storey you want to tell, but also what you want audiences to do with it. However, Operations, on the other side, is concerned with the specifics of how you’ll transform your thoughts into a presentable video.

The original video shoot would be the production portion of video production, and also the second step.

Different audio visual production services 

Meanwhile, here are some of the audio visual production services (as well as staffing concerns) that go into making a video:

  • From idea to completion, a Producer has always been involved in every aspect of the production. This covers financial management, talent management, craft management, and more.
  • The Photography Director (Main Camera Operator) collaborates with the Director to bring the screenplay to life. They are in charge of the Cinematography and Illumination Departments, as well as the visuals used to communicate the tale.
  • The Asst. Camera Operator is in charge of using a clapper board to establish a sync point in between video and audio, ensuring that the focus is adjusted appropriately, and replacing batteries and recording medium.
  • Sound and effects are mixed, reproduced, and manipulated by the Field Audio Engineer.
  • Gaffer is the light department’s chief. They’re in charge of the lighting plan’s design.
  • The Grip creates and constructs sets for films, commercials, and television shows. Grips operate on the cameras’ and lighting’s supporting equipment.
  • Makeup artists must be knowledgeable with cosmetics and the procedures for applying them to the neck and face. Body Makeup Artists work on the actor’s look by applying makeup to various parts of the body.

 Any drones used in video production are operated by the Drone Operator.

  • Communication is the responsibility of the Production Assistant and he is also the one handling lockups and coordinating with various production divisions. High-definition cameras, illumination, sound, and other equipment are examples of specialty equipment.

Post Production

Post-production begins after your video has been shot. Among the audio visual production services available at this time are:

  • File administration
  • Editing of video
  • Animation or motion graphics
  • Recording voice-over or acting as a narrator
  • mastering audio
  • Grading by colour
  • delivering documents

The term “post product” refers to anything that happens after finishing filming.

There really are hundreds of various video kinds of formats to choose from, and there’s no assurance that the film production agency you choose will be able to provide the audio visual production services you require for the video that you would like to make.

Let’s look at the eight most frequent audio visual production services you’ll come across:

Video Production Services for Events

Firstly, event videos can be a “recap” or event teaser film, or a multiple-camera production, and can last anything from thirty seconds to 3+ hours. Secondly, for seminars, conferences, games, wedding ceremonies, plays, and other live broadcasts, people employ this sort of service.

Video Services for Commercials and Advertisements

In short, commercials are usually 30–90 secs long and are either in writing, docu-style, or animation. Paid advertising, promotional content, pre-roll, and other types of services fall under this category.

Documentary Video Production Services for Promotion

These films are 1–30 minutes long and feature interview-based storytelling. Infomercials, promotional films, and vacation videos are examples of this type of video.

Video Production Services for Businesses

Corporate videos range in duration from 1–60 mins and contain everything from extensive training videos to company culture videos to marketing videos.

Video Services for Real Estate

Real estate films are generally around 5 minutes long and include a variety of filming techniques such as sliders, drones, time-lapse, and more to produce a visually appealing video.

Video Services for Education

Explainer videos, PSAs, tutorials, and how-to videos are examples of educational videos. They can be short (30-second) videos or lengthier ones with more in-depth information.

Services for Music and Video

Song video services include precisely what you’d expect (an artist lip-syncing to make a video for their song).  Likewise, other clients also utilise them who don’t require an audio plot for their video. This category may include trailers and teaser clips.

Video Services for Social Media

The average length of a social media clip is 15–60 secs, and it might include content, soundtrack, and narrative. This sort of video is popular on a variety of social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and most TikTok competitors.

Audio Visual Production Services for SEO

Did you guys know that videos may increase search engine traffic by up to 157 percent? Above all, Video is an essential component of your company’s marketing and sales funnels, and also an excellent SEO approach.

Therefore, you should focus on integrating video into the remainder of company marketing strategy for creating a coherent marketing plan while developing your video strategy. Begin by sketching out whatever you want to achieve with the videos.

In conclusion, these objectives should correspond to the various stages of your sales funnel (consideration, awareness, and decision).

Get in touch with EZ to know what audio visual production services serve your company the best! 

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