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The Benefits of Extracting THC with Alcohol

Extracting THC with alcohol is commonly used on cannabis to derive cannabis concentrates and oil. To extract THC with alcohol, only two types of alcohol can be used. You can use isopropyl or ethanol. However, ethanol is frequently used because it is believed to be a safer and healthier option.

During extraction, alcohol is mixed with dried hemp plant materials. The alcohol acts as a solvent. This then pulls out tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the plant. It also pulls out other essential concentrates from the plant. This can include terpenes and cannabinoids.

When the process is complete, the alcohol solvent, THC, byproducts, cannabinoids, trichrome are again separated. This allows for the creation of pure finished hemp concentrates or oil.

What are the Steps for Extracting THC with Alcohol?

There are several steps to ensure that this process is completed properly. The first step when extracting THC with alcohol is to cover up the dried cannabis plant in alcohol. This process is often called “the wash.”

During the second step, the ethanol is again separated from the cannabis plant with the aid of filters. The third and final step of alcohol extraction sees the alcohol is evaporated. This then leaves behind cannabis concentrates. These concentrates are very high in THC, cannabinoids, and trichrome.

To get a safe and organic finished product, the cannabis concentrates will further undergo additional processes. This time alcohol wouldn’t be used.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Extraction?

All products meant for cannabis extraction allow researchers and product manufacturers to attain pure levels of cannabis concentrates or oils. It also allows them to understand and handle the dosage.

The extracted concentrates can be as pure as 99%. This isn’t so for cannabis plant that has over 30% THC, with just about 24% CBD. Marijuana users will enjoy the high THC concentrate. However, CBD is much safe and healthier and helps to tackle numerous health complications.

CBD has excellent medicinal properties. Some of them include anti-inflammatory properties, anti-psychoactive properties, and anti-bacterial properties. CBD although offers a mild dose of euphoria, still fights the hallucinogenic effects of THC.

To summarize, cannabis extraction allows for safe and healthy cannabis resins and oil. They contain little or no THC with lots of CBD. This in turn helps to tackle several medical ailments like:

  • Arthritis:current studies show that patients who suffer from osteoarthritis can be treated with CBD.
  • Chronic pain: hemp-derived products have anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to fight inflammation and chronic pain.
  • Epilepsy:continuous research and anecdotal proof suggest that cannabidiol acts as an anticonvulsant. This helps to reduce seizures in patients suffering from epilepsy.
  • Alcohol Addiction:cannabidiol is active in preventing side effects of alcohol withdrawal. This, in turn, offers relief from seizures, fevers, and other withdrawal-related dysfunctions. This page has more on how you can benefit from the use of cannabis-infused products.

Why is Ethanol Ideal for Cannabis Extraction?

As earlier noted, ethanol is mostly used for THC extraction. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it is quite easier to use. It is also versatile. This is because it delivers a wide range of end-products. The versatility that it provides makes it a suitable solvent for both small-scale and large-scale processors. Below are reasons to use ethanol for THC extraction.

Ethanol Has Been Used for a Long Time

Ethanol as a solvent is a traditional form of botanical extraction. It is one of the oldest. Using it as a solvent although mundane has developed several technological breakthroughs in the past.

It is Easy and Safe to Use

Ethanol compared to other solvents, like C02, and hydrocarbon is much safer and easier.

This is because:

  • It is less toxic and explosive. This makes it safer to operate compared to hydrocarbon.
  • Compared to the CO2 derivation system that operates under high pressure, ethanol solvents do so in lower pressure.

It is Highly Efficient

Ethanol is much more efficient during derivation. This is because it can dissolve a quantity of the substance to provide a quality result. This website link has more on the steps involved in efficiently extracting CBD with ethanol.

It is Both Polar and Non-polar

The main reason why ethanol is very useful is that it is both polar and non-polar. This explains its versatility. To elaborate here, ethanol is simply able to dissolve both polar and non-polar molecules. This in turn provides several molecules.

So, why is ethanol the popular choice? And, how do all these coalesce to make ethanol a perfect solvent for botanical extraction? The idea is to separate THC, CBD, and other terpene compounds from the cannabis plant. And, all these target compounds are fat-soluble. This makes ethanol the perfect choice here because it will dissolve the fat-soluble quite easily.

Bottom Line

Alcohol to extract THC offers versatility. This versatility is helpful as it dissolves both polar and non-polar compounds. It also has an affinity for polarity. This is because it can be adjusted to any temperature. Also, since it is a non-vicious liquid, it allows for a quick derivation.

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