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The Benefits of Platelet- Rich Plasma in Hair Regrowth

There is no doubt that thin hair severely impacts a person’s appearance and looks to a great extent. No matter what may be the cause of hair loss, it will affect your personality overall. Every person’s reason for hair loss varies and differs from the other person’s. It may be hereditary, some health conditions, medications, stress, and endless list. Hair loss is such a condition that it can leave you feeling self-conscious about your looks and appearance. Hair loss was not prevalent in earlier times as people used to be healthy in the past. But the times have changed drastically now. These days, due to high pollution, there can be hair loss in some people, but now, home remedies have proven ineffective in various cases. Instead of resorting to home remedies, people can avail numerous treatments available at their disposal. One such hair loss treatment is PRP hair Los Angeles. 


Here’s everything you need to Know about Platelet-rich plasma hair regrowth therapy. 


About PRP hair growth therapy 


Over the last few years, Platelet-rich plasma has gained a lot of attention. After an injury has occurred or massive hair loss, PRP is an effective healing and rejuvenation treatment. Not only this, but it also helps to accelerate healthy tissue growth. You can also revitalize the facial skin with PRP therapy. Also, dormant hair follicles get awakened by getting the PRP hair growth therapy. It’s the hair follicles that get stimulated, but action is by far the same in the case of hair regrowth. PRP therapy is a good choice for stimulating regrowth in the areas of baldness, but it is not a proper solution for total hair loss. Both men and women can avail of this therapy. It includes hair restoration without transplantation and has many advantages. 


PRP procedure 


Before commencing with your procedure, the areas of patterned baldness are discovered, and then the treatment is carried. The patient’s medical history is also taken into account before starting with the treatment. As far as the entire procedure is concerned, then the method of PRP therapy is quite simple. A small amount of blood is extracted, and then the contents of the blood are separated. Then the PRP is extracted from the blood and is infused into the areas where there is less hair. Firstly, microneedling gets performed, and then the PRP is rubbed over the channel wounds. 


Many patients ask how many treatments are required for the same. There is no precise answer to this as it depends on the severity of your hair loss. If your hair is too thin, then you may need excess treatment sessions to treat the same. But you can get all the sessions at one time only. The treatments are spaced up to a month. 


Advantages of PRP for hair regrowth 


Thanks to its medical advantages, PRP hair loss treatment is becoming extensively popular with people. More and more people are getting attracted to it and restoring it to treat their hair loss and improve their overall personality. Have a look at some of its advantages before proceeding with the treatment. 




 It is safety that matters utmost to the people. Before getting any treatment, they make sure that the treatment is safe or not. But no worries when you are getting the PRP therapy for yourself as the treatment uses your blood cells. This, in turn, reduces the risk of any infection or any allergic reaction. 


Less discomfort


 It is not at all some surgery and regular treatment. As a result, there will be no discomfort during the entire procedure. Minor discomfort can be similar to the one you undergo while getting some blood work done at some clinic. Therefore, there is minimal discomfort that one can easily tolerate, and there is nothing to worry about. 




 As far as it is about convenience, then PRP hair loss therapy is highly convenient on your skin. There is no specific downtime or recovery time involved in the treatment. One can very quickly get on with the usual routine activities after availing of the treatment. You no longer need to take a day off from your work or anything else to get the PRP therapy done. 


Long-lasting results


 Many patients dealing with hair loss can think about this option as this is effective compared to the other hair loss treatments. After availing of this treatment, you will start noticing the results in about three months only. But to sustain the results for long, you may require follow-up treatments for the same. No matter what, PRP therapy guarantees you long-lasting results and is highly effective in getting you rid of hair loss. 


Treats hair loss


 One of the significant benefits of PRP therapy is that it helps you get rid of hair loss. Many people tend to ignore hair loss, thinking it to be a trivial issue, but it can have severe consequences if not tackled at the earliest. Therefore it is not at all wise to ignore hair loss. As soon as you notice the hair loss, it is better to resort to PRP hair loss therapy. 


Boosts your confidence


 Hair loss impacts your overall personality and leaves your confidence shattered. The only way to gain your lost confidence is by getting your hair loss treated. Avail the PRP therapy for hair loss before it gets too late and regain your lost confidence. 


Enhance your looks


 Who doesn’t like the volume on their hair? Of course, everyone loves it. But having healthy and voluminous hair in today’s time has become a difficult task. People fail to realize that hair loss impacts their looks and makes them look inferior to others. But now, you can enhance your looks by treating your hair loss with the help of PRP hair restoration. 


PRP hair transplant cost 


Usually, the person availing the PRP therapy must undergo at least three treatment sessions spaced between 4-6 weeks. Not only this, but you also need maintenance treatments every 4-6 months. For the initial three treatments, the price may range between $1500-$3500. One injection of PRP may cost you around $400 or even more. Keep this thing in mind that this is only an estimate of the PRP cost. Besides this, it depends on the number of other different factors like: 


The location from where you are getting the treatment done goes a long way in influencing the price of PRP. 

The quality of equipment used in the treatment also influences the PRP therapy cost.

If you are getting the therapy customized and if there is an addition of the nutritive components, then also there is a variation in PRP cost. 


Some people think that the expenses of PRP hair Los Angeles will be covered by the health insurance available these days. But they are unaware of this: cosmetic and beauty treatments are not a medical necessity, and insurance covers only those expenses that are a medical necessity. 




Without any doubt, PRP hair Los Angeles is an effective remedy for treating your hair loss and giving you a new look altogether. 

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