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The Best Christmas Gift This Year: Giving Yourself A Super Healthy Smile

The Christmas season of celebration is upon us. This means you are probably planning to engage yourself in the several routines and cultures you fondly observe during this time of the year with colleagues, friends and loved ones.

What is a Christmas celebration without eating and drinking? Just like many other festive seasons in the social calendar, tasty treats, filling food, and plenty of drinks play a big role during Christmas. However, even though it may seem ‘harmless’ to over-indulge oneself during this period, it is necessary to take a minute to evaluate the effects this could have on one’s oral health.

During the holiday seasons, our teeth are very susceptible to wear and damage. This is not only as a result of our food and drink choices but also how frequent and how much of it we are taking. Our oral hygiene will tend to go down the bottom of the priority list, and we may not care for it as much as we ought to.

To help you keep a strong oral health into the New Year, we have compiled 5 excellent tips for maintaining adequate oral hygiene during this yuletide season. By complying with these essential rules, you can give yourself the best Christmas gift this year, which is a healthy and beautiful smile.

  1. Take alcohol in moderate amounts

It’s indeed a jolly season, and it is typical to frequently consume Christmas classics such as mulled wine, alongside cider, white wine, beer, and other alcoholic mixtures. Statistics has it that the average Britishperson consumed 26 units of alcohol per day last Christmas. In fact, over half of the population (52%) have admitted drinking above the usual all through the season.

A larger number of alcohol is fully packed with sugar and acidic substances. When drunk excessively, it will result in tooth sensitivity, toothache, and even erosion of the tooth enamel. Moreover, the chances are higher that we would forget to brush our teeth after consuming too much alcohol. And this will leave the acid and sugar bubbling away in our mouth till the next morning – posing another danger to our oral health.

In all, it is advisable to drink in moderation, and even have some alcohol-free days so as to enjoy the goodness of oral health and overall body health as well.

  1. Make the most of Christmas bargains

Now is the best time to leverage on a bargain and enjoy something that can really improve your smile shine.

The holidays are full of numerous special offers for individuals looking to change their frayed toothbrush heads, get a new air flosser, or buy a new toothbrush. By taking advantage of these special offers, your oral health will become even better as you enter into the New Year.

  1. Be constantly hydrated (drink plenty of water)

Staying hydrated during the cold holidays is vital not only for our oral health but also for our overall health as well. When selecting tooth-smart beverages, make sure you make quality choices. The number one option for our oral hygiene is still water.

Studies have shown that drinking water immediately after a meal helps to get rid of acids from the mouth, thereby alleviating the consequences of erosion and dental decay.

Furthermore, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in water (whether tap or bottled) which is useful in reducing the chances of tooth decay by ensuring better resistance of the enamel to acid effects.

  1. Practice adequate oral hygiene routine

Christmas season is one of the best times to socialise with friends and family. We all can have jam-packed schedules that we might slack-off in observing our day-to-day routines.

It should not matter whether you are at home binge-watching Christmas movies or you’re out celebrating till the next day – there should be absolutely no reason to skip your regular oral hygiene routine. It is easier to maintain a healthy smile by brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice everyday for 2 minutes. We recommend doing this right before bedtime and at any other time of the day.

Additionally, it is important to use inter dental brushes to clean in between your teeth every day. They are known to reach the plaque your toothbrush can’t remove. It is also a great idea to have a dental check-up before or after the holidays so that your teeth specialist can detect any dental problems and treat them on time.

  1. Cross out snacking on sugar

Be it an extra slice of yummy Christmas cake, a large Toblerone, or a box of chocolates, snacking on sugary substances should be taken off the table during Christmas. Consuming excessive sugar exposes the mouth to constant acid attacks, which usually causes tooth decay, and may consequently result in tooth loss.

Are you still having sugar cravings? Then consider low-sugar or sugar-free alternatives like nuts and cheese. These won’t cause damage to the teeth.

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