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The Best Free Remote Learning Resources In 2021

Education and learning have gone digital. The constraints of space & time are no longer limiting factors in the dispensing of knowledge. The world has and is still going through a digital revolution. Like so many sectors & industries, remote learning has also been able to reach new heights. And transform itself on the wings of digital technology.
The essentiality and the demand for remote or distance learning increased in 2020. A deadly pandemic that is still taking its toll on the world. COVID-19 wreaked havoc and raise the order & existing systems in our society. It forced us to refocus our priorities and look for alternate ways to sustain our livelihoods. Digital technology and the Internet came to the rescue. As they became the sole means of communication & interaction during the global quarantine.
Thanks to the auspices of technology. The current generation of students avoided drastic disruptions and continued their education. Digital or emote learning was up & coming, and the quarantine if much-needed boots. The online education or remote learning industry is booming as our online dependency increases day by day.
Seamless online connectivity, easy availability of electronic resources, and global quarantine. Were some of the biggest factors that accelerated remote learning’s inevitable rise.
Remote Learning By The Numbers
The statistics below reveal the rising popularity & demand for remote learning.
  • Thousands of online learning apps, open online courses, remote learning resources.  Such as video telephony & conferencing applications, learning management systems,  have cropped up recently. Zoom, Skype, Google Classroom, Moodle, etc. . are some popular software applications for remote learning purposes. Used by tutors to conduct virtual classrooms.
  • The online learning industry is to cross $370 billion by 2026. From psychology to assignment help to interactive guides. the online learning industry offers various services, tools, and resources to one and all.
  • 33% of educational institutions in the United States of America. Aim to continue offering online classes even after traditional classes’ resumption.
  • A plethora of FREE software applications is available. which is a blessing for many students struggling with widespread disruptions in learning.
  • Open Online Courses are a huge favorite amongst students & even professionals. Such as edX, Coursera, UpGrad, SimpliLearn, . Are a few popular examples of MOOCs. That offer many university accredited courses completely for free.
  • Several free academic resources have risen in recent times. To aid students’ remote learning endeavors across the socio-economic spectrum.
The next section takes a look at some of the best remote learning resources in the year 2021. Let’s get to it right away.
The Best Free Remote Learning Resources In 2021
Please note that this section will look into free distance learning resources. For every academic level through K-12, graduation, and post-graduation.
  1. ACMI
The Australian Center For Moving Image is the country’s national museum for film, art, and digital culture. The institution conducts virtual programs. And provides free online talks, workshops, & various other academic resources for students. teachers, and schools.
  1. Better Explained
A handy online app for mathematics. Better Explained, offers visual resources to understand math problems better. The site offers lucid & innovative lessons to guide students in understanding mathematical concepts. And offers intuitive exercises to help develop their problem-solving skills. Several informative articles and visual how-to guides. Allow students to pick up & understand ideas & concepts better. Simple, easy-to-follow guides and a heavy focus on learning make Better. Explained an excellent free remote learning resource for any student.
  1. ActivEd Walkabouts
Source: www.walkaboouts .com
An innovative education tech company from Australia, ActivEd, offers Walkabouts. Its proprietary active learning platform, completely for free to both teachers & students. The business is providing free grade-level access. For pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first and second-grade resources.
  1. Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a leading education company that is garnering widespread praise worldwide. due to the sheer quality & volume of free remote learning resources it offers. It is a not-for-profit organization. That provides free, world class educational resources online, accessible to everyone, everywhere. Khan Academy provides personalized & self-paced courses for different academic levels. All content is expert-crafted and follows the current standards & curriculums followed globally. Furthermore, the platform also offers several tools and resources. To help teachers & tutors identify & understand student performance.
Several free online courses. on math, science, computing, arts & humanities, economics, and test preparations. Such as SAT, LSAT, etc., are available completely free of cost.
A free remote learning platform for learning biology and associated subjects. BioInteractive offers educational workshops, interactive resources, lesson sequences & storylines. And the latest news to both students & faculties.
The platform has garnered excellent ratings from both learners and the academic community. From free classroom resources to professional development courses. Planning tools are also available to put in place BioInteractive resources in classrooms.
  1. edX
Everyone dreams of studying in the world’s biggest educational institutions. And getting access to world-class academic resources & materials.
edX aims to fulfill all such wishes. By offering authentic courses, programs, and professional certificates. From world-renowned universities such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Oxford, etc.
edX has partnered with reputed institutions, and professors & lecturers. conduct each & every one of those courses. Many courses are self-paced, completely online, and available at no price at all.
Computer programming, data science, computer science. engineering, marketing, digital commerce, assignment help etc. . Many courses of various difficulty levels are available for free. For almost every subject under the Sun.
  1. AI4ALL Open Learning
The recent years saw the unprecedented rise and proliferation of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning, computer visions, robotics, data science, etc. . Are being implemented across different sectors and. Are at the forefront of research & education across several organizations.
AI4ALL aims to make learning & academic resources for AI available to all. The platform brings AI education available in classrooms. It offers college pathways, summer programs and open learning to students. Through a free, adaptable curriculum for high school teachers.  The material is easy to learn and does not need learners to have much technical knowledge. And can be used for assignment help.
In conclusion, that’s all the space we have for today. Come back here next time for some more informative and easy-to-follow guides. Use this guide to access & work with some of the best free remote learning resources of 2021. And augment your learning experiencey.
All the best!

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